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Is E-Commerce The Future of the Cosmetic Industry?


COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that everything we need can be purchased online. Going back a few years ago, everyone has always been skeptical when it comes to online shopping. During months of lockdown and home quarantine, we were left with no choice but to buy things online. When most establishments went out-of-business, people lost their jobs. Those people needed to make a living, and that is when online selling became so popular.

This pandemic forced people to give importance to their well-being. While classes and meetings were being held online, more people started prioritizing skincare over makeup. With all the time they have inside their houses, it became an excellent idea for everyone. However, the pandemic did not stop people from getting their cosmetic products that became possible through eCommerce platforms. 

We are here to determine one thing, is eCommerce the future of the cosmetic industry?

The Past

Even before the pandemic, the beauty industry had already shifted to online platforms. Most beauty brands already established their sites, but they did not stop other beauty websites from catching on. The majority of these websites are authorized distributors of major beauty brands. After that, business-to-business (B2B) sites started developing. Wholesale Korean Skincare and beauty needs suddenly became available to the online market. These sites became the key to small beauty retailers as they offer authentic products at a reasonable price.

The cosmetic industry has always been diverse and full of life. The sudden rise of Korean beauty trends led to the popularization of their makeup and skincare products. However, this trend showed no sign of decline year after year. During ancient times, beauty products were made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, and other herbal leaves. After that, beauty companies started formulating beauty products that are infused with harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. Most of those products were advertised as safe and non-toxic. No one would know until they analyze every ingredient listed on the products.

The Present

The people from 100 years ago were possibly imaging the technology we have now. Technological advancement and innovation became the pathmaker where the cosmetic industry is right now. The COVID-19 pandemic became a way for people to maximize the technology we have. Going back to the days where the only thing we can buy online is food, we have come this far.

There is no doubt that the cosmetic industry is thriving through eCommerce platforms. Notably, the industry survived the pandemic even without brick-and-mortar stores functioning. Indeed, the experience the consumer can get by going to physical stores is unmatched. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have made it possible to replicate the said experience. Consumers only need to take a photo of themselves to try on different lipstick shades, hair colours, and other beauty products. This type of technology can also be used while buying furniture and appliances.

Social media marketing is playing a big role in the continuous growth of the beauty industry. Consumers gain a sense of trust and security as they see real-life testimonies by beauty vloggers and consumers that share their experiences with particular beauty products. Most eCommerce cosmetic sites partner with beauty vloggers and YouTubers to promote their platform and the beauty brands available on their site.

The Future

The future is something we cannot accurately predict. The people’s ability to innovate year after year is very powerful. The beauty industry is being supported by millions of consumers all over the world. It is unlikely that the cosmetic industry will leave the eCommerce market anytime soon. Even after the world has healed from the pandemic, the convenience and accessibility eCommerce platforms can offer will not be forgotten by the consumers. 


The world we are living in is getting more and more technology-dependent. Even the majority of companies from different industries are slowly shifting to eCommerce platforms. The cosmetic industry was one step ahead when the pandemic hit, which is why they did not suffer major losses compared to other industries. However, eCommerce being the future of the cosmetic industry is not unlikely if we observe people’s lifestyles nowadays. 

What about you? Do you think e-commerce is the future of the cosmetic industry? Share your thoughts in the comment section!



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