iPhone 7 Review.


iPhone 7 & was released a month with a lot of hype and high expectations . Did the iPhone maker “Apple” has reached the prospects, that a whopping number of fans were expecting. Let us know about the amazing features and also the blunder’s about this incredible product.

Iphone 7 Review and lot to know about this incredible iPhone.

iPhone 7 has all the advanced features compared to its successors but can be considered as just an upgrade of iPhone 6S due to its minimal upgrades. No doubt, iPhone 7  and iPhone 7 Plus are the best phones available but the brand value of Apple made us expect more from this incredible phone manufacturer.

This phone has longer battery life, slightly water resistant, an upgraded camera, and faster innards compared to iPhone 6 which hold the same design tweaks when placed in a case and look similar to the previous model.



The most notable feature is the Home button. The Home button has been made pressure detectable with the new Taptic engine instead of a regular click, This feature takes time for the user to adapt as the whole bottom of the phone shakes at times.

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The Headphone jack has been removed which is slightly disappointing.

Camera :

 Probably iPhone has the best camera possible which has got a major upgrade to its predecessor. The rear camera is 12 MP while a 7 mp on the front side.

iPhone 7 Plus has a dual lens at the rear providing a 2X zoom which the lens simultaneously work for. Zooming is great for this Phone.


IOS 10 :

This the best ios update till date which has a new version of iMessage and Siri  which is better for third party apps. The music and new apps are doing good when compared to the previous versions.

Much more improved Siri provides better integration with the smart home devices and loaded with a ton  of new features.

Ear Pods :


This wireless prototype has not received a huge applause from the users because it is messy to use when it drops of the ear.

Apple has provided a 3.5 mm dongle to use your traditional headset which is the cheapest accessory at $9 in all the company’s accessories.

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Performance :

This model holds an A10 Fusion chip which has four cores with two high-performance cores and two low power cores which  use less power for the everyday tasks.Apple impressed  with its faster processor which consumes less power to previous versions.

 The water resistant feature is good but needs a lot of improvement when compared to the Samsung phones. This user-friendly smart phone is incredible to use and works pretty well compared to the older versions. Hope Apple will correct the mistakes and provide new design tweaks in the next versions.