Insomnia And Ways To Fight IT


Are you not getting sleep at night and wondering if you are having Insomnia? So let’s see what’s exactly insomnia and is this something that you are dealing with in your life currently.

Insomnia is a health condition where the affected individual finds it difficult to sleep. They don’t feel satisfied with the way they sleep. Symptoms like low concentration, having low energy, tiredness, fluctuation in mood, not being the way they are and being much disturbed and frustrated are experienced. All these are the symptoms which a person gets due to lack of sleep over the initial two to three days and it gets worse as time passes on.What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight ItApart from this, we also have something called Chronic Insomnia which most of us don’t know. This is a bit different from the Insomnia condition as you will get partial sleep, for example, you may sleep for four days in a week and might not get sleep in the night for the rest of the week. This condition usually comes in place, when we are not used to a new environment, if you are having unhealthy sleeping habits, your work timings and certain medications are taken over a long period of time can get you to this condition.

If you are affected by Insomnia, here are some changes that you need do in your lifestyle to make your sure your health condition is better. Doctors usually give treatment in the form of behavioral, medical and psychological ways.Medication is something that we don’t need any assistance on. Taking your prescribed medicines at the right time will help you feel better. Apart from that, below are some of the tips that can be followed to have a better lifestyle.

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Waking up at the same time

You may sleep well and for more number of hours on a specific day and feel active the whole next day without getting sleep at night. If you are being affected by Insomnia, make sure to have a fixed timings when it comes to your sleep. Having a fixed timeline will help your body to get used to your sleep routine and will also improve your sleeping habits.

What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight ItNot to go for Alcohol, Nicotine and caffeine

The medicines that your doctor prescribes you will be a little heavy in dosage so that you can have your minimum sleep.Having caffeine will keep you awake for a long time and you might wake up frequently causing disturbed sleep. Consumption of alcohol is not a good combination with the medicines that you intake. There will be certain reactions and will lead to sleeplessness.

What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight Insomnia

Limit your naps

You might really feel refreshed with short naps in a day but this is not really good for the people having Insomnia. Your sleep at night will be affected when you sleep in smaller proportions throughout the day.

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What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight Insomnia

Exercise regularly

Doing exercise not only keeps your body fit but also helps you get better sleep at night as a result of the workout. You will have good sleep at night, when you are tired. But make sure not to exercise before three hours of your night sleep as this might affect your health.

What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight ItBed Activities

Use your bed only when you want to sleep and take rest. Avoid using your bed like a sofa where you can sleep and watch movies, eat and do other activities as well. Doing this kind of activities will keep you alert and you might not feel sleepy when you have to sleep.

What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight It

Sleep Environment

A good sleeping environment is important for your sleep. The basic check on your environment while sleeping includes a room that is quiet and dark. Doctors recommend that your eyes need rest and when you try to sleep, you should always sleep in dark with the lights off and the curtains down. This will help you have a good sleep.

Mind at Ease

When relaxed, we usually think and worry a lot. This will just make your sleeping habits worst. Take some time out to decide and discuss on things that you have to in your available time during the day so that you can avoid all those things at night hours.

What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight It

Reduce Stress

For Insomnia affected people, stress might also be one of the reason. Try to go for stress reducing therapies so that you can have a control over your stress and know how to handle it. Keeping things in control will help you have a proper good night sleep.

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What Is Insomnia And Ways To Fight It