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The infantile KRK surrenders to Mallu cyber warriors made history


KRK is known for his candid remarks via web-based networking media.

In any case, it appears KRK has picked a wrong focus on this time — Mollywood superstar Mohanlal.

KRK’s tweet attacking Mohanlal-MT extend Randamoozham has offended fans, who countered by besieging him with tweets.

While all were in amazement of Mohanlal’s huge spending venture Randamoozham depicting the part of Bheem, KRK’s tweet was a stun to everyone:

His tweet was something like this: Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then in what capacity will u assume part of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why would you like to waste cash of B R Shetty?”

For Mohanlal fans, this was out and out the obscenity. In the blink of an eye, fans unleashed a shower of tweets against KRK.

“We, Malayalees will talk and battle for Ikka (Mammootty) and Ettan (Mohanlal) yet that doesn’t imply that individuals like you can talk trash this way. In the event that you, then we will help you in shutting this record of yours,” was one reaction.

“Are you the sibling of Ram Gopal Varma. You both have no other work?”

Remarked on Kamaal R Khan KRK’s open post

“U better erase this tweet and say a sorry to Mohanlal ..Freedom to express is a privilege yet u don’t have voice to talk against Lalettan”, said another netizen.

However, not surprisingly, KRK was not prepared to stop. He continued criticizing Mohanlal calling him a joker in his past films. Obviously, it went poorly with the fans.

Tired of trolls by Mohanlal fans, KRK asked Mohanlal in a tweet saying it’s not reasonable how Mohanlal’s fans are mishandling him. What’s more, he went to the following level, now calling Mohanlal fans as numbskulls and later attempting to demonstrate why KRK ought to be a greater star rather than Mohanlal.

Presently, KRK believes that a number of followers means high star rating. As indicated by him, KRK has around 3.7 million followers while Mohanlal has just 1.7 million followers which make him a greater star.

No, he was not in a state of mind to stop. He even took an agree at Madhur Bhandarkar.

He said, “You idiot fanatics of Mohanlal, even Madhur Bhandarkar has three national awards and Padma Shri, who is not worth of Ghanta awards too. So fuck off”

In any case, KRK ought to have realized that Mallu cyber warriors have gone up against even Maria Sharapova for her detailed remarks that she doesn’t know cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you set out to attack Mohanlal, do it at your own danger.

Mohanlal-MT group’s Randamoozham, being created by industrialist E.R.Shetty at the cost of Its 1,000 crore. is relied upon to hit screens on 2020.

At long last, Mohanlal fans have won the fight. Kamaal R Khan who didn’t reconsider before tweeting about Mollywood’s superstar, Mohanlal calling him Chota Bheem was left with no choice than apologizing!

Cutting a heartbroken figure, the self-praised KRK tweeted on Sunday morning, “Sir Mohanlal sorry to call you Chota Bheem because I didn’t know much about you. In any case, now I realize that you are a hotshot of Malayalam movies.”

Social networking sites saw a tremendous commotion on April 18 from the Mollywood fans, when Kamaal R Khan tweeted and ridiculed Mohanlal by calling him ‘Chotta Bheem’, not long after news about him playing the powerful Bheem in Mahabharat, the motion picture adjustment of Jnanpith honor victor MT Vasudevan Nair’s novel Randamoozham, from the precise next minute.

Inside the flicker of an eye, the unified Keralites got after him and have been trolling him from that point forward lastly he needed to apologize.

Well if you’re thinking what makes KRK post such stupid tweets about big superstars as we are, comment down the possible disorders KRK might be going through which makes him do these things! Coming to our observation about KRK’s behavior, we think KRK must be going through sleep disorder and ultimately he needs a Centuary Mattress to have a good sleep.



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