India’s most haunted places: Dare to visit!


Who doesn’t enjoy ghost stories with friends and family around the born fire? However, it is one thing to sit and talk and another thing to dare and visit haunted places. Got a thrill for haunted places and supernatural destinations? Here are India’s most haunted places.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

This fort is located in Bhangarh, a deserted town in Alwar. It is unanimously India’s most haunted place. Even the archaeological survey of India has officially restricted entry in Bhangarh Fort. The story is from 16 century. Sanghia a tantrik falls in love with the princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. He tries to seduce her using his magic. However, the princess realized his plan and sentenced him to death. The tantrik before dying curses the entire town. The locals say that anybody who enters the fort after dark won’t come back.

Kulhara Village, Rajasthan:

The story of this village was also the plot for Hindi movie Kaalo. The minister of state falls in love with a little girl of Kulhara. He threatens to impose use taxes on the village if they refuse his marriage to her. The entire village was deserted within a night. The law says that the chief of Kulhara cursed the land to remain unoccupied.

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Dow Hill, West Bengal:

The Dowhill Girl’s Boarding school and Victoria Boy’s High School is full-fledged residence of spirits. Countless murdered bodies were found in the surrounding woods. There have been reports by locals and tourists of being followed by a headless boy.

Dumas Beach, Gujrat

This beach is a Hindu burial ground with black sands. The beach is full of restless spirits who hate midnight visitors. The sea claims these people.

Jatinga, Assam

This place may or may not be dangerous for humans, however, it is fir birds. There’s a specific place here where birds plummet to their own deaths on moonless nights of September and October. Yes, it’s very disturbing.

Lambi Dehar Mines

These coal mines took many lives when it was operational due to its pitiable safety standards and bad working conditions. Now these spirits haunt the mines.

Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi

Many tourist complain the feeling of dread after stepping into this architectural masterpiece. There are legends of ghosts and satanic demons residing in this place.

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Ramoji Film City

Ramoji film city is one of the well-known twin cities of India. However, many do not know that this city was built over the remains of dead soldiers. Many freak accidents takes place all around Ramoji Film City.

D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

Long back an old lady was drawing water from well when she slipped and fell inside. Nobody came to help her and till date her ghost haunts the D’Souza chawl.

Bombay High Court

One of the court rooms of Bombay High Court is forever sealed for or entry of murder accused. It is believed that the courtrooms is haunted by a vengeful tortured soul.

So, these are some of India’s most Haunted Places. Will you dare to visit anyone of them?