The 11 Most Unique Museums in India


    Island museum, Nagarjunakonda

    Nagarjunakonda09 1026

    Probably the only island museum in the world, this unique museum, given the shape of a Buddhist Vihara, houses an extensive range of remnants of Buddhist art and culture including a small tooth and an ear-ring believed to be of Shakyamuni Buddha.

    Arna Jharna (Museum of Brooms)


    Probably the only island museum in the world, this unique museum, given the shape of a Buddhist Vihara, houses an extensive range of remnants of Buddhist art and culture including a small tooth and an ear-ring believed to be of Shakyamuni Buddha.

    Museum of Toilets


    The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, is possibly the world’s only museum dedicated to documenting the history of toilets since the dawn of mankind. It has been voted as one of the top ten weird museums of the world.

    The exhibits are arranged in three categories: ancient, medieval and modern. There are toilets collected from around 50 countries and has artifacts from 3000 BC to the 21st century.

    The Brain museum

    NYBUFbrain_dk4398_620x300 Skullnface_2789638b

    If you have always been wondered about how the human brain works and even how it looks like in real life here is your opportunity to see over 600 samples of brains. You would also be surprised to see a rat’s or a duck’s brain.

    The museum has a diverse collection of over 300 brain samples and is the result of over 30 years of collection.

    Antarang Sex Health Information Art Gallery, Mumbai.

    amsterdam-museo-sexo-3 Antarang-Museum-of-Sexual-Health-Information11

    Dedicated for educating the young and old about the human body , sexuality and AIDS , the Antarang museum is one of its kind in South Asia. It is located in the red light district of Kamatipura.

    INS Kursura (S20)

    Sierra Exif JPEG
    Sierra Exif JPEG


    The INS Kursura (S20) was India’s 4th submarine, a Kalvari-class diesel-electric submarine of the Indian Navy, and was decommissioned on 27th February, 2001, after 31 years of service. After decommissioning, she was preserved as a museum for public access on Ramakrishna Mission Beach in Visakhapatnam . The Submarine Museum is the first submarine turned into a museum in the whole of Asia and second in the World.

    Sudha Cars Museum, Hyderabad, Telangana

    sudha-cars-museum sudha-cars-museum11

    Sudha Cars museum is the first and only handmade wacky car museum in the world. It is the brainchild of Mr. K. Sudhakar, a Guinness world record holder for making the largest tricycle in the world. Displaying a mixture of commercial and creative cars, both adults and children are sure to have a gala time here.

    Cavalry Tank Museum, Ahmednagar

    cavalry-tank-museum untitled

    Cavalry Tank Museum was established by the Armored Corps Centre and School, Ahmednagar in February 1994. It is the only museum of its kind in Asia and houses about 50 exhibits of vintage armored fighting vehicles.

    In the Memory hill house souvenirs of all regiments of the Armored Corps are kept.

    Soil Museum, Kerala

    Kerala Soil Museum is a museum of Thiruvananthapuram District, in the Indian state of Kerala.

    The museum displays the diverse types of soil in the state. It has been described as the world’s largest soil museum and the first soil museum in India established to international standards. Each monolith was dug from the ground without disturbing its elements and was processed for one month or longer before being mounted for museum display.

    Teak Museum

    nilambur-teak-museum-3 teak_museum_nilambur20131031120337_344_1

    Teak Museum is located 4 km from Nilambur, a town in the Malappuram district of Kerala, south India. Teak occurs naturally in India with the main teak forests found in Kerala.

    The world’s first teak plantation was planted in Nilambur in the 1840s by the British.

    Fossil Park Museum, Himachal Pradesh

    8f06fc8913733792c79a5307f2584a8b untitled32r4

    The Fossil Museum of India or the Shivalik Fossil Park, is situated at Saketi in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Shivalik Fossil Park is a unique place with preservation of Shivalik mammals and containing Shivalik fossils.

    The park has a display of the fossil finds and an open-air exhibition of six life-sized fiberglass models of extinct mammals in a recreation of the Sivalik Hills environment of the Plio-Pleistocene era (circa 2.5 million years).

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