Indian Beauty Hacks: 7 Things with good results


India is the hub house and birthplace of Ayurveda- the ancient science of mind and body. This Ayurveda is part of every household in form traditions and customs. One of the well-known branches of this Ayurvedic science is Beauty Hacks. There are many beauty hacks that Indian Women know from their mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and so on. Here is a list of popular Indian Beauty Hacks.

Lemon and Honey for bad tan.

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. It whitens and brightens skin. Mixed with honey it acts an excellent treatment for sun tan. Honey nourishes your skin by moisturizing it. Apply this mixture on your face for visible tan reversal.

Prevent Hair Thinning

You do not need any product or ingredients for this. The simple logic works. Hair scalp is exposed to everything out there at the parting line. It is therefore a good practice to keep changing you parting line. Besides parting your hair at the same place for years will prevent you from styling your hair in different ways as they will retain the parting. Further, you will lose volume near the parting line. Hence, keep changing your parting lines.

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Lemon for Dandruff

Lemon is key ingredients of Indian Beauty Hacks for many reasons. You can treat dandruff with lemon. However, lemon has citric acid and should not be used undiluted. In this case, your hair oil will work as a carrier. It is preferable to use coconut oil. You can leave this mixture on for an hour and then wash it using lukewarm water.

Gram Flour for Unwanted Hair

From painful waxing procedures to sharp razors women are ready to go to all lengths to remove those unwatched hairs. Is there a simpler way? Use this Indian Beauty Hack. Make a paste of gram flour and water. Apply it to your skin. Let it dry. Rub in circular motions to remove unwanted hair and dead skin.

Heena for Hair Colour.

Need a natural solution for dying you hair? Try Henna. Henna popular known as Mehendi is a great dye for hair without damaging your scalp. Further, it has properties that will strengthen your hair and boost hair growth. Also, it makes your hair extra shiny.

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Multani Mitti Pack

Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti is a great ingredient to remove oil, dark spots, pimples and dead skin from your skin. Also, it tightens pores and smoothens the skin. Although, it is not good for dry skin.

Neem for Acne

Teenagers and a lot of young adults suffer from the incurable acne breakout. While it’s due to the hormonal changes, it is really annoying and also a bad toll on your confidence. You can treat your acne with bathing in neem leaves. For more intense conditions, you can grind fresh neem leaves to prepare a paste that can be applied on the acne. Although, the smell is not appealing. Yet, it is definitely a life saver.

So this are some of the most useful Indian Beauty Hacks. Try them on and let us know about the results.