5 Ways to Get Youtube Subscribers


1. Create good watchable stuff

There are many videos out there on Youtube and to get views on yours is a difficult task. It is like everyone has so many options that your video might just get lost in that clutter. That is why it is important that your video has content that one, almost all ages can watch it second, do your research about what type of content goes viral the fastest on YouTube. You are going to focus on one theme and then on the subthemes.

2. Time your videos

No matter how complicated the subject the video is about it is necessary that your video does not exceed 5-6 mins time frame. This is a psychological effect to the viewers, they feel they don’t have time and need to watch a short video (instead they will end up watching many of the videos)

3. Make Binge watch playlist

The new trend in the era is binge watch. Now if you want the viewers to watch your videos instead of the web series, then it is very important that you make a playlist that is worth spending more than an hour just on that. This means that the more engaging and captivating your videos are the more time will they willing to spend on your videos. Also, this makes it easier for the watchers to just sit back and keep watching. This will also help you keep your videos organized so that your channel does not become a clustered mess that turns the users away.

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4. Create catchy thumbnails

The thumbnails are what the users are going to first see and then decide if they want to watch it or not. It is said to not judge a book by its cover but that happens almost all the tie ad tat is why it is advisable that your thumbnail should be catchy so that users get attracted ad cannot resist clicking on your link. This is an effective way of getting viewers and then subscribers for your channel

5. Be consistent

This is one thing that cannot be stressed upon enough. The one thing that applies everywhere in life, to not give up and be consistent with your work. This keeps your channel active. Do not post regularly too. There needs to be a pattern with your videos, for example, you can assign a certain day or days on which you would post a new video. This gives time for each video to be watched liked and spread. This also gives you enough time to go through the insights of your videos, to know if your that particular video and the content that you are currently focused on is liked by people or not. On the basis of the shares, comments, and likes, you can make a rough idea about your videos in the beginning. Do read the comments if you think they are Worthing thinking about otherwise do not let the trolls or negative comments get into your mind.