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Incompatible Zodiac: 10 Signs that don’t go well


Sometimes you come across people that can drive you crazy and angry for no reason at all. Now, these are not bad people but you guys never get along. Do you think this might be related to your zodiac signs? Certain zodiac people do not tend to get along with certain other zodiac people. The relationship can be anything, friends, co-workers, or partners. The reason behind it is the perspective of these signs towards life. Here’s a quick list of incompatible zodiac signs that do not get along well and why.

Aries And Taurus

One is a warrior and the other lives for leisure. Aries is always using its energy to fight and win something or other while Taurus believes in energy conservation. Taurus finds Aries annoying while Aries finds Taurus boring. They are highly incompatible zodiac.

Taurus And Gemini

Gemini is the busiest bee in the garden. Gemini is always moving around with chores and jobs to do while Taurus likes to sit and binge-watch. Besides, Taurus can be possessive. 

Taurus And Sagittarius

The problem of Gemini and Sagittarius is the same. Sagittarius is always exploring, adventurous, and loves freedom. Taurus’s possessiveness can feel like a cage to Sagittarius.

Gemini And Scorpio

Firstly, Gemini believes in reaching far and wide. Scorpio strives for excellence and depth in one single thing. Further, Gemini is an all-rounder. Scorpio works to gain expertise. Obviously, this combination is deadly at the workplace.

Cancer And Leo

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is very shy and sensitive. Leo is ruled by the sun and has an aggressive personality with brutal honesty. Although, these two signs do not take any notice of each other. However, if put together, Cancer can come out badly injured.

Cancer And Aquarius

Cancer is emotionally sensitive and is governed by intuition. On the other hand, Aquarius prefers things logical and intellectual. Undoubtedly, these two signs always have a hard time communicating and understanding each other’s perspectives. Cancer can find the other cold while Aquarius will be irritated by Cancer’s over-emotional attitude.

Leo And Virgo

Leo is people’s person and lives for praise. They cannot handle being publically shamed. On the other hand, Virgo values modesty and can swallow the bitter pill of truth without caring for their public image. Also, Virgo hates Leo for their constant need for admiration. These qualities make them incompatible zodiac.

Leo And Pisces

Pisces is a natural admirer and at the start, Leo will be head over heels for Pisces. However, soon Leo will notice that Pisces can see good in everyone. Leo cannot stand being part of everyone and it will be a tragedy in the end.

Libra And Scorpio

Libra likes to maintain everything spick and span. Scorpio is more interested in an in-depth analysis of everything. Libra can keep Scorpio in good shape. However, Scorpio will never understand the need for such trivial things.

Scorpio And Sagittarius

Scorpio likes stability and depth. Sagittarius likes freedom and breadth. Scorpio has a well-deserved reputation for jealousy and possessiveness, and Sagittarius is positively allergic to such things.

So these are some of the most volatile zodiac pairs. What’s your zodiac sign? Share your experiences in the comment box. 



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