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How Does Your Immune System Work


What is Immunology?

As per the Immunology Journal, Immunology is the science that studies the human Immune System. The study consists of detail reading of the formation, development, functions, and negatives of an immune system.These become the basic fundamentals in understanding how a human being gets an illness and how is a person’s health condition linked with his or her immunity. The immune system comprises of cells and molecules that are distributed all across the body via the tissues for proper functioning. The stronger the person’s immunity is the stronger the person will be immune to health problems. Your body immunity helps to fight against all the infections, abnormal growth that might try to suppress and damage your body tissues. They react and fight against the foreign object and not the one that your has.The microbial invasions are taken care by the barriers of the Immune system. All the infections are taken care by the Biochemical and cellular functionalities of the Immune system.

The molecular pattern of the pathogens that enter our body is recognized by the Immune System which initiates antiviral reactions.The functioning and the health of the Immune System purely depends on the B and T clones of lymphocytes. Their main function is to make sure that the host is protected. The B and T lymphocytes are capable of identifying the distinct and unique molecules. Further, they also have the characteristics to divide them into different types of cells that will help your body functioning.

Diseases that can beat your Immune System:

When your immune system is not well developed, that may lead to many diseases and infections that can make you ill or sometimes your own immune system might be challenged that it leads to the damage of the cells rather the protecting the ones. Lots of people die of the disease that arises due to lack of not having a developed immune system. These are a high risk of tumors and infections and these are characterized by a weaker immune system. They can be caused by various factors like genes mutation, certain kind of viruses, medications etc. There is a term called “Autoimmune Diseases” where your own immune system will fail and will not be in a condition to support and protect your body. Such diseases are caused by a combination of genetic inheritance and also taking into consideration the environmental factors. We tend to get a lot of allergies as well and these are a kind of Immune responses to the pathogens. With a weaker immune response, it has lead to many disorders which are not immune resistant. Some of them include Neoplastic, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative

Research related to Immunology:

We have many universities and scientific laboratories trying to find out more about the Immune System and also conducting research that can help in developing new therapies that can prevent the human race from Auto Immune system and the different types of diseases that are increasing with the Immune system, not in a position to fight them back.Get to know more of the research work via Immunology Journal.



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