How to Use Duffle Bags to Promote Your Business


    Businesses have to take the extra mile nowadays and look for better and more ingenious ways to promote their brands to stand out from the competition in crowded marketplaces. However, the choice of which promotional tool is most suitable for a certain company is always not a simple one. Any business must look for a promo item that is affordable yet effective. Luckily, many businesses have found duffle bags to be excellent promotional items.

    What is a duffle bag?

    Maybe you have heard the term ‘duffle bag’ but are wondering what exactly it means. Well, a duffle bag is a cylindrical-shaped bag with a closure such as a drawstring or a zipper. People use this kind of bag to carry clothes, say when they going on a trip or to the gym and to carry sports equipment, books and other personal items.

    A duffle bag can be an excellent business promotional item thanks to its versatility and functionality. Also, it is easy to print with the required marketing message because these bags can be made of canvas or other materials that are ideal for branding or printing logos and promotional messages.

    What are some of the ways businesses can use duffle bags for promotion?

    Below are some of the ways you can use duffle bags to promote your brands:

    As customer giveaways

    If you are looking for perfect giveaways for your customers, then look no further than duffle bags. You can give these bags to customers who buy goods or services of a certain value from your business. You may also gift a duffle bag to a customer who wins a prize draw, or even as a prize during various events or contests sponsored by the business. Because people love functional freebies, they will appreciate the bags and when they use them, it will help to create more awareness about your brand. You can get a quality duffle bag from RocketBags, the leading supplier of bags and other promo items in the UK.

    As merchandise for sale

    Do you want to promote your brand and at the same time make some money? You can consider branded duffle bags that you can sell to your customers. The customers who love your brands and are loyal to your company will have no issues buying branded duffle bags. This way, they will help to promote your brands thus increasing their visibility, and bringing you some extra revenue.

    To give to employees

    Your employees are your number one resource and you need to keep them happy. You can win their loyalty by giving them useful gifts. The good news is that customised duffle bags are excellent gift items for your staff. You can brand the bags with your company colours, logo and marketing message and give them to staff, be it as a welcome gift when they join your company, or as a reward for exemplary performance. Employees will find the duffle bags useful because they can carry clothes, shopping and other stuff in them. You will make the staff feel appreciated and manage to promote your brands with the bags.

    As gifts at sponsored events

    Your business can give out branded duffle bags to participants, spectators or attendees of events the company has sponsored. Some of the sponsored events include football matches, drama or music festivals and others. Giving out customised bags will help to create more brand exposure and make the recipients have a positive attitude towards the company and its offerings.


    As you can see, companies can use duffle bags in several ways to promote their brands. They can use them as customer giveaways, sales merchandise, staff gifts and giveaways during sponsored events. The crucial thing is to buy high-quality bags and get them properly customised to be excellent promotional tools.



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