Polo shirts are one type of clothes that never go out of fashion. No matter what th occasion, there is always a polo shirt that would fit perfect for the event. They are not just something you wear only when you are going out to run errands. They are extremely versatile and make a bold statement. You can wear a polo shirt in summer, for golf, an outdoor get-together, or even for a formal event. Here are three different styles in which you can wear your polo shirts for three separate occasions.

Casual Get-Together

For a laid-back occasion where you still want to look well-dressed, you pair your polo shirt with a pair of tailored shorts, or your favourite go-to jeans depending on the weather, the time of the day, and the type of event you are attending.

Semi-Formal Dinner Date

It sometimes gets difficult to decide what to wear for a semi-formal dinner date. Polo shirts will always come to the rescue, but you will have to make sure to style yourself right. You could pair your shirt with well-cut chinos. Pick a pair of a deep shade of brown to give off a formal vibe. For the final touch, slip on a pair of loafers.

Friday Dressing

Give your staple checked shirt and a casual pair of jeans an upgrade with a polo t-shirt. You will look both office-appropriate and comfortable with a pair of chinos. You could also add formal trousers or a blazer.

What To Wear With A Polo T-Shirt?

Go-To Jeans

Polo shirts go best with your regular go-to denim for an everyday look. Reserve darker shades for smart occasions such as black or indigo. If you are just hanging out, go for a lighter shade of denim.

Slim Fit Joggers

Slim fit joggers are the perfect option for streetwear. Pair a black or a navy blue joggers with a plain polo shirt with a sharp collar.

Tailored Shorts

A polo shirt and a pair of shorts are a perfect fit when you are hanging out with your guys. Go for a striped polo shirt that adds to your look and helps you create an outfit that emits the perfect vibe.


Leather Trainers

Pull-on a pair of trainers for a great weekend style and team them up with a polo shirt and slim-fit joggers. Additionally, they go well with everything in your wardrobe.


Slip-On Loafers

These are a must-have pair of shoes in life. Make sure to wear invisible socks with them. Go for a pair of black or brown for a smarter occasion.



Polo shirts are great for layering and go well with different types of jackets. You can choose from denim shirt, leather jacket, bomber jacket, or a hoodie.


Button are one of the emerging trends and are taking over. Oversized buttons, customized buttons, clip-on buttons, cuff-links add a touch of hip and trend to your outfit. You could wear a customized wear-on button over your polo shirt that could depict the mood or relate with the occasion. For instance, if you are hanging out with your friends, you could wear a button with a fun emoji over your polo shirt. This gives a subtle yet bold statement. Similarly, you can choose your pick for the type of occasion you are attending.



Everbtn makes customized button-overs that you can choose according to the occasion you are attending. All you have to do is simply choose the button you like and wear it on your polo shirt before leaving for the event.