How to Ship Luxury and Classic Cars without a Dent


According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, over 248.5 million vehicles were registered in the US in 2019. And about 12% of these cars come under luxury and classic segments. 

People in the US prefer importing cars from different states and cities. This is where they ask the car shipping companies to transport their vehicle safely to their preferred destination. But when shipping the car from one state to another, the chances of suffering damage or dent is higher. You must work on the car shipping cost and get the car shipped from an experienced shipping company.

Here are some tips to prevent your luxury and classic cars from suffering dents during transit.

Hire an Expert Vintage/Luxury Car Shipping Service

Many car shipping companies transport different sizes and models, but only an expert shipping company can ship luxury cars. Classic and luxury cars require special handling techniques and cannot be towed or moved like regular vehicles.

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Get information on various car shipping experts and talk to them about how you wish to get your car shipped. Shipping an expensive model may require special care, and hence, the cost of handling and shipping may differ from that of regular shipping charges. So, you must be ready to loosen your pockets.

Choose Only Enclosed Transportation

In enclosed transportation, your exotic car is well protected from the external elements. Never opt for open-air shipping for classic and luxury end models. The flying debris often causes dents on the car’s body during long route transportation.

 The car shipping cost for enclosed transportation may be on a higher side than the open-air shipping. But it is always worth it to protect the luxury car from suffering any damage.

Avoid Shipping with Belongings

Many car shipping companies prefer not to ship belongings along with the car. The reason being, belongings inside the vehicle may damage the interiors and cause denting. So, do not insist on sending your classic/exotic car with the belongings inside.

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Also, belongings carry a certain amount of weight that may cause imbalance during the loading and unloading process. Again, that will pose a threat to your car’s external body, and you may have to bear the cost later.

Upgrade the Insurance

Upgrading insurance won’t prevent your car from damage, but it will certainly help you receive compensation if your vehicle suffers damage. Ideally, the car shipping companies have to provide you with insurance coverage. But most of the clauses mentioned in the policy do not offer total coverage. 

Also, you may not be even aware of some hidden costs or charges that may be asked by the shipping company to pay later. Take an additional insurance policy for your classic/luxury car to protect yourself from paying hefty charges if it suffers damages. Upgrade the insurance policy before you schedule to ship your vehicle.

Additionally, you can also prevent damage by covering the interiors with a proper covering and seal it. Take away all the valuables to prevent theft. Wash and inspect your car before you hand over the vehicle to the shipping company.