How To Run A Virtual Event in 2021


Virtual events have skyrocketed in popularity because of the COVID19 pandemic during 2020 and witnessing how successful, effective, and useful they’ve been, they’re going to be in high demand even in 2021.

Some virtual event organizers have struggled to run the whole event smoothly; there have been mistakes and difficulties which have helped many to come up with different event types and formats to meet their individual needs.

In this post, you can read more about what a virtual event actually is, its types, and how to run one successfully.

What is a Virtual Event?

source: / Chris Montgomery

Virtual events are kinds of digital meetings that take place online and enable all attendees to interact and learn with each other no matter where they are at that moment.

There are seven most popular virtual events: virtual summits, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows and expos, virtual workshops, virtual happy hours, sales kickoff events, and webinars.

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If interested, you can find plenty of virtual event examples online for all the types mentioned above.  

You can create a virtual event for as many as thousands of people, depending on the purpose of your event. These events have helped marketing experts reach their target audience in a much larger number.

5 tips on how to run a successful virtual event

Create several session types

To keep your attendees engaged, you need to offer several session types. Otherwise, their attention will wane. It’s recommended to switch things up and have your audience guess what comes next.

In addition to labs and keynotes, you can also use a roundtable session to bring professionals together for a debate or a whiteboard session to enable giving input.

You need to keep the excitement going, so including labs, keynotes, networking sessions, and entertainment to make your event a successful one.

Attendees’  Engagement is a priority

To keep your attendees engaged, you can provide several breakout sessions, ask them questions during presentations, or offer digital networking opportunities. Make sure to keep it short and easy to accommodate.

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Visual experience matters

During a virtual event, it’s one of the priorities to provide an excellent visual experience. The lighting must be proper as well as a background (be it virtual or a real one) and a high-quality webcam. It will enhance the experience if your speakers use videos, charts, and graphics during presentations.

Imitate in the flesh excitement

Events and meetings held in the flesh are chock-full of anticipation;  you have to carefully choose your outfit, or have a cup of coffee to prepare for what’s coming. During your event, you can imitate this anticipation if you have a DJ to play prior to your sessions or a countdown timer or even some special announcements.

We’re still exploring the possibilities and the best ways of running virtual events. These are just some of the tips that have been proven to work well. Don’t hesitate to experiment and come up with some new ideas and tips that will enrich attendees’ experience.

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