How To Optimise My LinkedIn Profile?: 6 Tips


We have heard that there is an essential tool for job seekers and professionals. The connections we have are necessary as they build a network, something like a professional circle that keeps us updated on everything around us. And obviously, the first impression which anyone will have is the LinkedIn profile. So everyone wants to look their best on their LinkedIn Profile. Even the company HRs take a look at a candidates LinkedIn profile. So how do you build a strong LinkedIn Profile? By optimising it. How to optimise my LinkedIn Profile? Here are some tips.

Use a Professional Headshot

No, they are not restricted to executives anymore. Even if you are a fresher job seeker, it is crucial to put a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile picture. It is the first impression of you. Also, never keep your profile picture blank.

Creative Headline

LinkedIn has a feature where your current job title is also the headline of your profile. However, it is not necessary for you to always put your job title on the headline. In the space of a few characters, you can hack a good headline. It can be professional yet creative. And it’s done.

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Summary Equals to Selling Booth

It is true that whenever you apply for a job, you have to sell yourself. To do this, LinkedIn gives you a special selling booth called a summary. Here you can describe your experience and work. However, do not end up putting your entire life story in it. Keep it limited to your professional life. Proofread it because grammatical errors and spelling errors will look bad. You can also tag the industries you have previously worked with.

Highlighting Your Past Roles

Now here you have to be careful. Some people, especially freshers with no work experience, think that they have to put in everything they have done in their entire life on their LinkedIn as their experience. However, that is not how it works. You have to put professional experiences only. It’s better to list out your job profile too. Keep the sentences short, and don’t make it look like an essay.

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Show Off Your Success

I earned a new certificate show it off on LinkedIn. Learnt a new skill, show it off on LinkedIn. Completed any project show it off on LinkedIn. Received an award or honour again show it off on LinkedIn. When it comes to your achievements, LinkedIn is the ideal stage where you can do some show-offs. Everyone does that so that no one will judge you.

Skills Badge

This is one of the best features of LinkedIn. If you have a particular skill, you can take a skill test curated by LinkedIn and earn a skill badge. This badge is proof that you are a capable individual. So whenever you learn a new skill, take a skill test. Also, Lyndon itself offers a used variety of courses and skills to learn online. It provides an updated syllabus and goes by the name of LinkedIn Learning. It is an excellent way to increase your skills.

I hope you got the answer to How to optimise my LinkedIn Profile? Try all these tricks.