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How to Make Rave Clothing at Home?


Rave clothing gathered hype in the early 2000s and was adopted by the youth of that time. Rave clothing was actually connected to the pop culture and rock music that was increasing at that time. may famous singers have adopted pop genre, and many gained a lot of acceptance and are still remembered today with respect to their unique music and sense of style. Michael Jackson is one of the biggest names that pop era.

Rave Clothing

The Fashion of Pop Music!

Now rave clothing is out of fashion, for those of you who don’t know about rave clothes, they are just a very casual form of wear that includes shorts and tank tops along with very casual and comfortable shoes, tacky hats, sunglasses and hand full of rings and bracelets. People used to adopt this style of dressing in discos and concerts at that time but this later on faded in the sense that it is no longer a specific style that is carried only in music concerts and so rather today you can wear this kind of style wherever you want.

Are Rave Gatherings Legal?

Raves were actually a very enthusiastic and energetic type of music that was legalized only in a few parts of the world. In others, it was illegal, and it remained that way until the start of the new century. So it is obvious when a rave was declared illegal, the clothing launched in its name was too illegal and so people at that time too who are a fan of attending raves helped themselves in creating their own clothing at home when they could not shop for it, unlike today. So today, if you are facing any problem like that, then you should definitely go for the DIY tips that we are going to give you below.

Get Ready to Sneak Out!

If you are planning to sneak out to a rave without telling your parents, then we can help you. Just get a pair of pants and a t-shirt that you like wearing along with a pair of scissors. Now first, let’s cut your pants to the size of sports shorts and get rid of the arms of your t-shirt as well. Change the formal wear into an exciting casual one and get ready to attend the part in rave style. But wait, we have only achieved the basic look yet. It’s time to grab some sunglasses and some sneakers to make this look complete. If you have simple sneakers and want them to be attractive, then run along and get a bottle of your favorite spray paint and get on with it.

Are you looking to shop online for rave clothes

Now that our rave clothing is completely getting some makeup and done and get your hair untidy. Now you are ready to attend your part. Just wear some coat and march out the front door without wasting further time. 



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