How to Keep Yourself Active While Working from Home


Working from home unquestionably has benefits. You can take the call from your living room, you have more time for family, there is no commute, and you get to try new dishes. (Something we all have been doing a lot in COVID-19).

However, there is one downside to working remotely, and that is inactivity. We do not move when we are sitting at our home office and working. We keep staring at the screen for hours without even getting up for a glass of water. This inactivity doesn’t do any favours for your physical or mental health. And without being healthy, no matter where you are working from, your performance and success will stagnate.

Worry not! Here are few simple solutions that can let you work from home and stay active as well.

1. Schedule Workout Everyday

Promising yourself to work out every day and doing it are two different things. The best thing for you to do is plan your workout in a dairy as you do with your meetings and assignments.

And we don’t mean that you should write exercise at this hour for so long. It means scheduling what workouts you will perform every day and how many sets of that as well.

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An exercise plan will ensure that you do not keep procrastinating about being active but do it.

2. Start Your Day With a Cup of Coffee

Exercising any time during the day is beneficial. However, when you work out in the morning, the benefits you get are higher. Workout in the mornings can be slow as you may lack energy or alertness. The best tip is to drink a cup of Nespresso coffee pods to be more active before you work out.

Also, during the day, your Nespresso pods coffee can help you stay alert enough to perform better in meetings.

3. Stand Up After Every Hour and Stretch

A sedentary lifestyle is a curse for everyone. It can lead to backaches, obesity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Unfortunately, when we work from home, we avoid standing up until we complete the task at hand. That means sitting for hours without breaks. That is not healthy!

You need to get up and walk or stretch as it is good for your health. If you keep forgetting to stand or take breaks during busy hours, set a reminder.

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After every hour, you need to stand, go on a walk for few minutes, or stretch or do jumping jacks. Give yourself a task, like grabbing a healthy snack or filling a water bottle. It will make taking breaks easy.

4. Move Your Body While Sitting at a Desk

At times, taking breaks is impossible as you are concentrating hard on the task at hand. However, you can still stay active without getting up. Just perform some wrist movements or do sitting exercises or stretch sitting down to relax your muscles.

It not only corrects your posture but ensures that you feel better as well.

5. Schedule Outdoor Meetings

This point is not the pandemic era. In the post-pandemic era, if you are working remotely, try scheduling a few outdoor meetings. They will have a better outcome than discussing floor plans while gorging on a cake.

Meet the client or investor at a place where you can talk shop while moving around. That is perfect for staying active, and walking gives you better ideas anyway.

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6. Control Your Diet

Working from home means easy access to food and sodas. That is where you have to set a limit as being active requires a healthy and balanced diet. It is challenging to do so, especially if your kitchen is full of chips and sodas.

So, start detoxing at the supermarket only. Start making smart choices at the grocery store. When you do not have access to processed food, you will start eating healthy items. And in the process, do a great favour to your health.

7. Do Home Exercises

You do not need to go to the gym or go jogging to stay fit. There are numerous indoor exercises that you can perform at home, like yoga or Pilates.

For the unforeseeable future, we are going to work remotely only. So, find a balance between work and home life, and find time to be active and work on your health. Try these tips, and you will start seeing changes soon.