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How to increase your height as an adult


Many people have problems with their height. Unfortunately, this cannot always be helped. Though if you are smaller there are ways to present yourself as taller. Being taller has often been linked to professional success. Though it should be noted that this is not always the case. Many famous short people have created valuable and worthwhile empires whether that is in politics, Hollywood, or on the music stage. This is not a comfort to everybody though.  

Fortunately, there are a few ways that can help you increase your height as an adult without the need for extensive and improbable surgery. Here are a few different examples.  

What determines your height? 

First things first are to establish what determines how tall you are going to be. These are not set in stone but often give a good indicator of how tall you are going to be. Height is determined by a range of factors such as genetics, sex, medical conditions, nutrition, and exercise. Studies in genetics have shown that this is the biggest factor in a person’s height. If you have tall parents, you are likely to be tall as well.  

Women tend to be smaller than men though this is not always the case. Certain medical conditions like arthritis, cancer, and the prolonged use of steroids can also affect height. Good nutrition can help promote growth. Eating a diet of calcium and protein can help you maximize your growth potential.  

However, there are ways to increase your height as an adult or to at least look taller.  

Increasing your height as an adult 

Whilst nothing can be done to increase your height after the growth plates in the bone have closed there are definitely ways to look taller and make the most of your body.  

Good Posture 

Standing and sitting with good posture can make you look taller. It also helps to prevent back pain and has even been recorded to help stop headaches that have been associated with slouching. In order to stand with good posture, you should make a conscious effort to think about how you stand.  

You need to keep your shoulders back and pull your belly towards the spine with the muscles engaged. Keep your head level and in line with your body and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Try to avoid locking your knees and keep the weight of your body on the balls of your feet. Your arms should hang naturally at your side. Maintaining a good posture will help you keep proper space between the vertebrae and can help you look taller.  

Strengthen your core 

Having a strong core and midsection can help you maintain good posture and thus make you look taller. Your core muscles are the ones in your abdomen that follow your spinal column. These support your spine. When they are weak, your spine will not be properly supported which will lead to slouching and your spine compressing.  

To get a strong core, there are a few different exercises that can help you. Planking for as long as you can, performing full-body abdominal crunches, and doing the superman will be great for your core. The superman involves laying on your stomach, extending your arms, legs, and head off the floor, and holding.  


Picking the right shoes may feel like a bit of a cheat to gaining height but it certainly is effective. If you don’t want to advertise that you are insecure about your height, then you should look at height soles that can increase your height by up to 10cm.  

Preventing slouching 

Whilst it is tricky to gain any extra height as an adult, you can certainly fight height loss. After you reach 40, you can lose as much as half an inch per decade through compression of the spine. This can be a significant amount as the years roll by. To combat this, you can perform a number of actions.  

You should eat healthily and maintain adequate nutrition. Eating foods that are not processed and full of calcium are great ways to do this. Weight-bearing exercises will make sure that your body stays strong and can support your spine. Keeping hydrated and avoiding cigarettes are also great ways to avoid height loss.  

Increasing your height 

An adult cannot permanently increase their height but there are certainly ways to ensure that you look taller for longer. You can also take preventive measures against height loss whilst you age. However, you should always remember that this is not everything and you can live a full life without caring about your height. 



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