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How to Find Your Personal Information Online and Remove It


Today, most people are now more aware than ever about how much data about ourselves and our lives are held online. If you’re a member of social media sites or have online shopping accounts and email accounts, you might be surprised at just how much personal information about you is out there. While there are new laws now in place prohibiting this, many companies have sold data on to other companies, and that’s why you get so many marketing emails and calls. So, is it possible to remove your personal information from the internet? Yes, and no. Some things are just going to be on the internet forever, while you can apply to have other details taken down.

Finding Out What’s Out There:

You might decide that certain personal details about yourself are OK online, while others you would like taking down. The best way to do this is by finding out what others can actually find out about you online. Firstly, you’ll want to Google your name. You might want to add some other distinguishing keywords such as your location, place of work, or date of birth to make sure that you are getting search results for yourself and not some celebrity with a similar name. You can also use Nuwber to find out the publicly available information about yourself online.

Getting Results Taken Off Google:

You can apply to Google to have information about you taken down from search results in some cases, although it is not always guaranteed that you will get the desired outcome. To do this, you will need to dispute with Google about the content you want to take down and cite your reasons for why you want Google to do this. Google will consider several factors during this process, including public benefit and your safety and protection.

Removing Information From Social Media:

If you believe that somebody else is spreading private information about you on social media, you can apply to the social network in question to have it removed. The best way to do this is by using the report function on the posts in question to let the social network know why you believe the posts should be taken down. Remember that removal of the content is at the discretion of the social network and there will not always be guaranteed removal.

Deleting Your Social Media Data:

Most of us can agree that social networks are the places that most of our online data is held. The truth is that if you want to minimize the amount of data about you online, coming off, social media is the best bet. But if you’ve decided to do this, you’ll need to delete your data first. Simply deactivating your account or deleting the app will not delete your data. You can do this by going into your social media account settings and applying for account deletion. Before you delete your account, if you are interested, you can also ask the social network to provide you with a copy of all the data they hold on you, which they are obliged to you under your user rights.

Today the internet has become a huge part of life and in many cases, deleting all information about yourself from the internet might not be possible, but you can still erase quite a lot with the right



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