How to Download Instagram Pics On One, Two, Three


Instagram has been at the peak of popularity for many years. But, as time and practice show, it will not give up its position. 

Every day, millions of people worldwide join this social network to post the brightest moments from their lives, follow celebrities, and develop their businesses.

In search of beautiful photos, we often think about how to download Instagram pics on the phone or PC. After all, the IG developers did not think of such a function. 

The article gives you a couple of working Instagram image downloader tools to save photos anonymously, safely, and quickly on your phone or PC.

How to download Instagram pics: several methods

Method #1 Via online services

No matter how amazing it may sound, the first and safest way to save Instagram images is to use special online services. Today, there are many such services on the Internet. Moreover, they are all free and without requiring downloading programs and even registration on services. 

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The only thing they differ in is functionality. More advanced services can download Instagram stories, IGTVs, or entire Instagram profiles. Such a service is Toolzu.

Others will only work on downloading Instagram photos and pictures. For example,

Note: You can only download a photo from a public account. If the account is private, you cannot download the desired photos.

The principle of operation of the services is the same. First, you need to go to the service website you like, and in the search bar, add a link to the required Instagram photo (don’t forget to find and copy it in advance.) Then you need to click on the Download button, and the service will save the photo to the selected folder on your phone or PC.

The main advantage of using the service is anonymity. The owner of the photo will never know that you downloaded his photo. In addition, the services save IG content in its original quality and size.

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This is a list of the most trusted online services:

Method #2 Via Telegram bot

Surely everyone knows such a social network as Telegram. However, even though it is a convenient messenger for instant communication and file transfer, it is a bots’ storehouse that simplifies life. For example, you can find a translator bot, weather, navigator, news, etc.

Instagram fans can find a bunch of bots that will look for a beautiful font for signing publications, publish Instagram posts at certain times, organize contests and giveaways. But the most interesting bot is the one that can download the necessary Instagram content: photos, videos, stories, live videos, etc.

Note: We recommend using the Instagram Saver bot. Of course, you can choose any bot available in the Telegram search.

The bot works very simply. In the dialog, add a link to the required Instagram post, and it will send you the downloaded photo, which can then be saved on your phone or PC.

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Method #3 Via Screenshots

The oldest, safest, but most extended way to download photos from Instagram is to take a screenshot. Yeah! You’ve read everything correctly. Do not forget that your phones and computers can take screenshots, which can then be edited in a photo editor and crop all the extra information from the resulting photo.

Note: The method is suitable for those who do not trust new technologies and are willing to spend a little more time downloading photos.

Title: How to Download Instagram Pics On One, Two, Three

Description: Do you want to download Instagram pics on your phone or PC fast and securely? The article gives you several working and trusted methods for anonymous IG content savings.