How to de-stress yourself?


Have you ever had feelings under pressure and panic when things did not go according to the plan, or any unforeseen circumstances happened. 

This feeling happens when you are wrapped under stress. So what is stress? Stress is our body’s response to pressures from different situations or life events, especially unforeseen or uncertain circumstances. When this happens, your brain switches to the survival instinct of fight or flight mode. You can run away from the problem or fight it.

Today, there are many forms of meditation , but before we talk de-stressing, let us know what causes stress.

A lot of things can cause stress:

  •  The pressures of school, work, family, overcrowding and other day to day responsibilities.
  • Stress brought about by a sudden negative change, such as divorce, examination failures or illness.
  • Traumatic stress experienced during an event where people may be in danger of being seriously hurt or killed, such as a major accident, war, assault, death of a loved etc.
  • Sometimes individuals fail to understand their internal discomfort as stress.
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However, not all stress is wrong, as it can be advantageous and pushed to create favourable circumstances, such as working hard for a marathon or completing a task on time. Many individuals take the help of online emotional support platforms to understand and cope with short-term stress and anxiety.

These kinds of stress are short-lived, and people go back to their usual self. 

But this is the 21st century, and one is going to be surrounded by mountains of problems

Effects of stress

One might find out that a recession is coming and the possibility of losing a job or a cyclone about to hit her town. Both situations were entirely out of her hands. Stress can help us prepare for the worst conditions, but experiencing it for a long duration will always keep us alert. They will be anxious and angry, irregular sleeping patterns, fluctuations in eating habits, and staying in isolation from friends and family. Prolonged signs of such behaviour accompanied by headache, stomach pain, and fatigue indicate that one’s mental health is on a downward spiral. 

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So what can people do in such uncertainty before they are eaten up by stress? Simple, not let it eat you up.

Coping up with stress

People cannot control the situation but can control how they can respond to it and cope with stress during emergency and uncertain situations. Here are the simple steps to ease your stress

Develop new skills.:An ideal mind is the devil’s brain, so staying busy always helps. Learning a new skill keeps you engaged and helps in avoiding anxious thoughts, plus it is a confidence booster. 

Limit exposure to news: When we’re stressed about something, it can be hard to look away. But compulsively checking the information keeps you wound up. Try to limit your check-ins and avoid the news during vulnerable times of day, such as right before bedtime.

Engage in self-care. Don’t let stress derail your healthy routines. Make efforts to eat well, exercise and get eno Post copy

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They say that with the mind, you can control your situation and your life. When it is calm and at rest, one’s thoughts have clarity, actions are more decisive. But with uncertainties and stress, your mind can be at risk. Taking care of your mind’s needs is prudent. Let it rest when things are not in control. Keep meditating, keep being kind to yourself, keep the negativity out of your life for your mind to be at peace and keep the stress at bay.