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How To Choose Your Party Dress In Different Occasions


A woman who strives to be at the center of cultural and social events must regularly attend gala receptions. Theatres, exhibitions, openings, social events, expensive restaurants, and even balls. Therefore, her wardrobe should have appropriate dresses for the gala evening. Some regulations prescribe a certain clothing style for each type of festive event. It is unlikely you will wear a woman’s funny dress for a social event. This article will cover the following aspects of choosing a party dress. Let’s skim out the headings: 

  1. How to choose a style for a special occasion  
  1. Formal wedding dresses 
  1. Preparing for the opening of the theater season  
  1. Opening of the exhibition  
  1. Why do you need to know about your body shape and color type? 
  1. Color type 

How to choose a style for a special occasion  

Current rules governing the choice of attire for a gala evening are not particularly strict. There are only a few exceptions, and those are the most prominent secular ceremonies, for which must specify the appropriate dress code on the invitation.  

Formal wedding dresses 

The main principle governing the choice of dress for a friend’s wedding says: a guest should not overshadow the bride in anything since she is not the central figure of the holiday. But, on the other hand, elegant floor-length dresses are just as undesirable: it will be difficult to participate in them in the competitions offered by the toastmaster, and an incendiary dance program will cause a lot of inconveniences.  

Preparing for the opening of the theater season  

A concert or performance audience traditionally dresses more restrained and strictly. Therefore, it is completely inappropriate to have excessively flashy, brightly colored dress models at this event. Visiting opera performances and classical music concerts fall under this category more frequently.  

Opening of the exhibition  

It is not possible to imagine social life without attending art exhibitions, introducing the public to established and younger artists, sculptors, and photographers. It is advisable to wear a closed suit of dark colors or a sheath dress at the opening of these exhibitions. You can choose the dress “Bellabarnett.” 

Why do you need to know about your body shape and color type? 

Taking into account the peculiarities of the physique will help to hide their flaws and emphasize their advantages, and knowing your color type will allow you to avoid mistakes when choosing the right color for clothes. 

  • Women, whose figures resemble a rectangle, differ in the proportionality of the shoulders and hips, but the waist is not clearly defined. It is necessary to choose dresses based on a corset and outfits with geometric prints to finish the waist and visually make it thinner.  
  • Any style of standard toilets will do for happy owners of hourglass-like figures with a well-defined waist and approximately the same proportions of the chest and hips. The only recommendation is the need to focus on a thin waist.  
  • Women with an “apple” figure should choose layered toilets, straight-cut dresses, and models with flared skirts. All figure flaws can be perfectly concealed by sheath dresses and models on a corset. They should be dressed in V-shaped cutouts.  
  • Ladies with a pear-shaped physique are “shown” toilets, either straight cut or slightly flared at the bottom. Having less volume in the chest area can be smoothed out by the active use of draperies, rhinestones, embroidery, and lace in decorating the bodice.  

Color type  

  • For women belonging to the winter color type, shades of bright, cold, and fresh tones are suitable.  
  • “Summer” is well compatible with light pastel shades in soft combinations.  
  • Toilets of the spring color type should be kept in warm colors.  
  • The colors of the “autumn” outfits should be thick and rich 


Meta Title: How to choose your party dress for different occasions 

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