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How to choose a perfect ring that will reflect your personality?


The ring is one of the versatile jewellery that is very easy to wear on daily basis. Most of the married women wear at least one ring in their life. Even if you are not married you can wear one for adding a beautiful accent to your ensemble. Most people concentrate on the stones while buying a ring but what is more important than that is the ring settings that will showcase your personality. Let’s discuss various latest gold ring designs and settings that will assist you in getting an idea which rings to select that will perfectly match your style as well as your personality.

The classic prong

Everybody must have seen the classic prong sometime in their life. It was and it is still one of the demanding selection of rings. It’s like a little hand coming out from the band and cupping the stone. If you love traditional jewellery with a very classic and timeless style then this one is great for you.

The defending bezel

This ring setting embeds the stone into the band of the ring. It is one of the oldest types of ring setting. It has a vintage look and functions well for those folks who want to stand out unique with a vintage style. It is also good for people who have a lot of work with hands. The bezel settings take good care and help in protecting the stone.

The brave three stone settings

Another important set of the ring is three stone setting. Sometimes the setting is to make the three stones look like one long line. Sometimes the centre stone is set a little apart. In some settings, the side stones are of a different colour that will give a completely different look. This ring works very well for the same type of person who loves a halo setting.

The simple pave

This is a low-key ring setting. The pave is simply a band that is lined with small diamonds. When it is worn alone it becomes a great choice for people who are athletes or people who work with their hands. Although diamond ring price is a little high it is worth the price. Simple pave ring can be easily matched with other ring settings like halo or prong. It is a good way to add a little extra for those people who like a flashier look.

Cluster settings

Ring with cluster settings contains many stones that are positioned to look as if it is one big ring. This setting ring comes in various shapes. You can even choose one where the stones may not be of the same size. Although it will look little symmetrical it will look funky and somewhat off the beaten path.

Thus, when somebody expresses themselves in their jewellery it goes much deeper than simply choosing a lovely combination of stones and metals. And it becomes even more special if you are choosing an engagement or wedding ring as this will remain with you for a very long time and it will hold a very special place in your heart.



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