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How have some countries tackled with Covid-19?


There are some countries which have tackles greatly covid whereas some couldn’t. This pandemic seems like it will never end. People have faded up from this pandemic. They want to live life the way they used to before. Deaths are just becoming a number. Records you will get in this article can vary day -today. So you can check it on the site where covid cases get updated. Like you can both state-wise and country-wise on the world meter site. 

In this article, you will get the things that how the USA and some other countries tackled the covid situation.


In the recent report, there were 4000 deaths, whereas the total fatalities in India are marked as 230,000 marks. The active cases are 3.5 million, which is the second-highest. 

If you have an eye on records, then you will find that there will be more than 100,000 active cases in the 12 states only. In the last 24 hours, the recovery was around 329,000. It will take time, but life will be normal soon. 

Overall data says that almost 17 million people have recovered compared to last year. Again the peak is assuming, which may not be so far. Suddenly cases increase like an explosion. 


There were reported more than 32,000 cases in April last year in the United States. In July, there started new infections. Cases were climbing up and climbing down. This is still continuing in all of the countries ,once in the USA. There were reported more than 70,000 cases in July 2020. This was the double number of cases compared to the first wave. It was climbing up till the third wave. By January 2021, it decreased to 300,000 cases. But the new infections started spreading in the USA along with some other countries too. In the first wave, deaths were reported in the USA were around 2000, but it got doubled in January 2021. Cases were doubling as months and years were changing. 

Owing to the vaccination campaign in the USA, cases started to decline. It has declined to 26%. Vaccination is playing a great role in declining cases. People started avoiding masks, but they should know that taking vaccination does not mean you will not be infected. Everyone should use masks in crowded places. 


Last year, the record in Europe was 35,000 lump sump in a day. It climbed up in the second wave, and cases reached 300,000. In the pandemic, 300000 was the highest number amid the pandemic. Europe reported that there were nearly about 3000 deaths in a day. This is the news from last year in April. In November 2020, the death toll reached 6000. But now, Europe tackled the covid pandemic, and it lifted restrictions. New cases are declined a lot in Europe. 

Overall we can say that India does not have the worst conditions. It has a large number of cases, but in this, its population is more responsible. India gets back due to the shortage of vaccines and equipment. This is the reason behind the worst condition. India should think about the vaccination for people below 18 years soon. 



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