How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Determine Your Settlement


A personal injury can be extremely traumatic and expensive to go through, yet a lot of the time, the victim isn’t the one at fault. People know that they’re owed money and need to go to court over it, yet the settlement number they’re given can sound made up.

If you’re trying to move forward with healing, and aren’t sure what your settlement will look like, here are the things most lawyers consider.

Medical Expenses

Although this is the most obvious factor, it can’t be downplayed. Medical help is alarmingly expensive in the United States, especially if you’re uninsured. Dealing with a personal injury opens you up to having to deal with paying for whatever happens to your body. This could mean that you have to pay out of pocket for surgeries or that your insurance pays some degree of your physical therapy, but it’s never cheap.

Lawyers will take this hard cost into account and let it heavily sway how much your settlement is. 

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Lost Wages

Another unfortunate cost, lost wages, can take a toll on people. Regardless of whether you’re working at a fast-food restaurant or in a cubicle in a call centre, one missed shift can be a lot of lost wages. Sadly, many personal injuries can take people out of work for longer than just one shift, and the cost increases. In Kingston, PA, personal injury law firms understand the pain of lost wages and know it needs to get added into your settlement.

Out of Pocket

Your out-of-pocket costs can be anything from having to pay to tow your vehicle to have to pay upfront for medical care. This cost covers a wide range of expenses, and it means anything you have to pay for.


This category may seem a little vague, but it’s vital all the same. Damages are any harm that comes to the property that belongs to you. This could mean your car, but it can also mean your physical body and medical expenses. When considering which belongings to catalogue as damages, be sure to account for everything. If the car crash ruined the laptop that you had in the passenger seat, make sure they reimburse you for that, as well.

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Pain And Suffering

This expense is about the emotional toll, aiming to help you financially recover from some of the mental strife you’ve gone through. This concept can seem hard to quantify, so most lawyers will take the hard costs (every other cost of your settlement) and multiply it by two to three times. This is then added on and finishes off your compensation.

Most lawyers won’t talk you through all of this, but you must check the numbers yourself. It’s important to mark down every expense you endure and ensure that you receive every last cent you’re owed. Healing from trauma isn’t easy: but with a good lawyer and some patience, you can win back almost everything you lost.