How Do Cities Maintain Their Infrastructure?


Infrastructure has been a hot topic of discussion recently since many people wonder how long our current infrastructure can last.  Some bridges built in the 1930s were only made to last eighty to a hundred years, so what’s the next step?  Here are some ways that cities maintain their infrastructure and how it benefits those who live there.

Increase Facilities With The Population

If more people move into an area, it’s time to start increasing the needed facilities.  More water treatment plants, better access to parks and libraries, and more trash trucks will all become necessary.  A town of five hundred will have significantly different needs than a town of fifty thousand, so it’s a good idea to ensure the city grows with the people.

Ensure That Yearly or Monthly Maintenance Is Completed

Everything, from trucks to bridges, needs to be occasionally maintained.  Whether this is a stop every year to ensure there’s no sign of age or wear and tear or the oil change, every vehicle needs to be based on how many miles it’s gone since its last one: maintenance is impossibly important.  If you avoid the proper care and ignore it, these structures and vehicles will break down, which will be expensive to replace and could result in injury or loss of life.

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Be Open To Complaints or Concerns from Residences

The fastest way to find out something is wrong with the local infrastructure is for a resident to bring it up.  Having an open town hall every month, or allowing for residents to submit their thoughts via an email that is looked over every day, will ensure that the moment there’s a problem, it’s brought to the government’s attention.  This will allow their infrastructure asset management system to leap into action and correct whatever issues are brought up.

Keep Clear Markers for Height or Weight Restrictions

If bridges have height or weight, restrictions: make these clear.  You can mark height restrictions with a bright pole of the same size just ten to twenty feet ahead of the bridge.  If a truck hits this, they’ll understand they need to stop and hold back from driving under and wrecking the bridge.

For weight, a good idea may be to include weighing stations half a mile before the bridge, where a truck can pull off and ensure it’s not too heavy for the structure.  These locations should also have alternate routes the truckers can take to ensure there are other options available.

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Keep Greenery At Bay

This may sound a little silly, but in areas like the south, it can be a full-time job to keep some plants back from destroying the city’s infrastructure.  Plants like kudzu are fast to grow and hook into structures, ranging from public facilities like bridges to the local homes and streets.  If an area has a highly invasive plant species like this, it’s a good idea to have a year-round plan to hold this plant back and stop it from wreaking havoc all over the city.