How Cosplay Photographers Can Highly Recreate Cosplay Characters


Cosplay photography is different from traditional photography in that it focuses on post-production and understanding of the original work, while the photography technique takes a back seat. Cosplay photographers ideally need to be cosplayer themselves or a comic book fan with a deep understanding of the character.

The ideal cosplay photography effect needs costumes, props, the character’s expression to show the atmosphere can be well restored. Also, in photography, cosplay photography light arrangement should be coordinated with the background later. So the prep work is required for cosplayers to be able to grasp the role accurately by themselves. This step can not be replaced by the photographer, clothing, props naturally. The closer to the original setting, the better, in many cases need professional production staff to cooperate to complete. This is not a simple thing.

In photography, the photographer should pay more attention to grasp the cosplayer’s role positioning and emotional control so that the subject from the temperament image to enhance their own. This can be borrowed from some theatrical performances in the approach. Cosplayers immerse themselves in the experience, think they are a member of the ACG, think about the problem, and pinpoint the character’s state.

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For photographers, photography skills and interaction with the actors during photography Encouragement is also essential. Most ordinary people will not feel confident or uncomfortable in front of the camera. At this point, in the beginning, as the photographer say, do not interfere too much with their movements, posture to let them relax and relax again. Let co-players feel that they are beautiful and let them see their good photos to enhance their confidence.

For the preparation of photography, gorgeous and colorful cosplay classic character-shaping (professional anime-style makeup + professional anime cosplay costumes + high-quality wigs for anime characters) is essential. After completing the finished cosplay photography, professional Cosplay post-production is also the key to the photography work.

The six elements of taking good cosplay photos are as follows.

One of the six elements: keep your portrait photos full of motion. Do not let your cosplayer hold a pose; you can let him try various actions that can effectively avoid the rigidity of the character’s actions in the picture; you can let your model always keep a natural expression.

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The second of the six elements: the use of simple cosplay backgrounds. Try to use relatively simple colours and structure as the background. This can also highlight the theme of the picture. It is also convenient to PS later and adds effects.

The third of the six elements: make the photo away from the centre of the composition. Appropriate to make the image’s theme away from the centre can increase the picture’s sense of motion, but the centre’s deviation must be moderate. Otherwise, it will cause the cosplay picture composition is scattered.

Six elements of the fourth: the foreground object into the landscape photos. While shooting distant objects, it is best to include close items in the picture (let’s say the four corners of the image). This will highlight the distance of the picture and increase the depth of the picture.

Six essential qualities five: find the right light source. A perfect light source can make your photos look colourful, have depth and beautify the photographing objects. Strong sunlight is only one of many light sources; for shooting people, cloudy and overcast weather conditions are the best because, in such weather, the light is very soft for the face’s performance is also very good. And on sunny days, the portraits taken are very sharp and will produce shadows.

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Six elements of the sixth: the use of the correct ISO SPEED. We all know that different ISO values correspond to further light. Generally speaking

ISO 100: clear, bright day

ISO 200: cloudy, overcast day

ISO 400: Indoor, night

All of us who play cosplay share a common desire to recreate the characters we play highly, and this is the desire of cosplayers but also the desire of makeup artists, photographers and so on. We cannot do much as a co-play photographer, but we don’t slack off either. If you are looking for a highly recreated cosplay costume, then you should not miss Cosplaylab. The cosplay products on the Cosplaylab website also include wigs, props, shoes, contacts, etc., welcome to buy.