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How a Couple Can Solve Problems Caused by Different Decorating Tastes


Decorating a home is hard enough when just one person makes the decision, but merge two different styles and tastes together to create a unified look and you have created even more of a challenge for yourself.

The good thing is that with some patience and a willingness to compromise, you can create a stylish and unified home that reflects both of your tastes. It can really turn out to be a place you love.

Remain Neutral

The best way to compromise and find furnishings that you will enjoy is by choosing neutral colors. It is so much easier to agree on classic colors and shapes than to fight over trendy furniture you may not even like a few years from now. Besides, you can accessorize neutral colors much better than you can a loud color. So if you want a bit of color on that black couch, add a pillow or two in bright colors.

Hint: Guys usually like leather, so if your partner isn’t completely sold on a sofa you want, see if it is available in leather.

Customize Your Wall Art

Putting up art can cause a lot of controversy with new couples if you have different tastes. You might suggest putting up personal photos or illustrated photos of your life.

Create a gallery wall of scenes from your trips or things you have done together. This type of art will interest both of you and solve your wall decor problems.

Offer to Help Decorate Personal Hobby Space

If your spouse loves art or is a musician, he will want to convert a room into a studio, which can be great. The problem is when he doesn’t know how to display his work.

Offer to help tone down a masculine room. If your spouse wants cool barn doors for the room, you can choose low profile barn door hardware so it doesn’t look overbearing and too masculine.

Know When to Let Things Go

When you have a design request you want, but you don’t think your partner will go for it, let it go. If you want to paint the bedroom pink, but your partner is at an obstinate “No” to the idea, don’t argue. Let it go. There are a ton of other things you can do.

Be Smart About Compromises

If there is something you absolutely hate but your partner loves, try getting a better version of the item. Look for an artistic painting or poster. Use the lyrics of a favorite song or reupholster an old piece of furniture.

Acceptance is Key

In a couple, one of the biggest lessons to learn is how to compromise. You are going to have different interests, so decide on how much of the vote each of you gets. If one of you prefers cars or outdoor gear, that person should receive more voting right on those decisions. If the other partner likes cleaning, designing, and coordinating furniture, that person should have more voting right on home decor issues.

Be Respectful of Each Other’s Feelings

One of the biggest challenges is not to let feelings get the best of you. Feelings of resentment and anger can cause you to have a big fight over nothing.

Neither one of you is right or wrong. It is a matter of different tastes, so be respectful of the differences between the both of you.

Recognize That Genders Approach Things Differently

A man approaches things differently. We communicate in different ways but agree in a roundabout way.

You Can’t Agree

Have a talk about how to handle a difference of opinion. Decide on how to compromise. Then introduce the design issue and remind your partner of the rules to follow when there is a disagreement.

All of these tips are great, but there will also come a time when you understand and know your partner’s taste, so you will naturally navigate towards the things you both like when you go shopping. Once you get to this stage, you will begin to love the way your home begins to reflect both of your tastes.

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