Hot Bollywood Controversies You Should Not Miss


Bollywood or the Indian film industry has always remained at the helm of controversies that are primarily created by the actors and the actresses. How do these problems generate is one thing but the media takes no chance to create events out of the controversial comments that are often made by some of the most important faces of Bollywood. Whether it is about sporting a dress which is enough to create the storm or the purple lipstick that characterized one of the leading actresses of this industry or the activities and the affairs that often go haywire, it is merely a publicity stunt for the people that wait to get these news. The following points will illustrate some of the hottest trends of Bollywood that you should not miss.


  • Exciting appearance of Mallika Sherawat in a promotional event

Mallika Sherawat is one of those actresses in the Indian film industry that have created a hype with her pouted lips to her attitude and the bold scenes that have made her familiar more than her acting skills. However, she has never bothered to give some thoughts to her actions and her recent photos from the premier of Inglourious Bastards have created a storm. One of the major reasons for being in the news is the revealing outfit that she has flaunted brought her debilitating fashion skills and experts have stated that is one of the worst outfits that the lady could have chosen for that evening.

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  • Kareena Kapoor in a new avatar

This is another controversy that began when the magazine published by Vishwa Hindu Parishad published her picture as the Hindu wife on one part of the face and a Muslim on the other. This led to the famous love Jihad controversy which terrified Kareena. According to the reports, the actress has hired over two hundred bodyguards for protection. The joint general secretary of VHPO has commented that the picture intended to highlight the ways in which the Jihadis have started mesmerizing girls to join their groups and not to create a controversy.


  • War between Shahrukh and Amir Khan

While the popular belief states that both the actors are friends and they have been spotted together on different occasions, the truth is different than what is heard and said about the broken friendship between these actors. The real thing is that they have got into a cold war from a log time as both they have reportedly posted wrong things about each other. Although it has come to the news that Amir has apologized to the children of Shahrukh as both them are ardent fans of this actor, it has not helped much to appease the king of Bollywood. However, both the actors do not express annoyance in the public and about this incident that created a stir sometime back.

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  • Sonam Kapoor and her unmanageable tongue

The daughter of one of the oldest actors of Bollywood, Anil Kapoor may not have created much news with her acting than her sarcastic style of communication. It seems that the actress is at her all time high by endorsing one of the renowned fashion houses and raged a controversy when she spoke something which created a negative impact on her counterpart Aishwarya Rai who also endorsed the products of the same label. Sonam Kapoor has reportedly spoken about the difference of age between her and the other actress and has also quoted her as ‘aunty’ which led to this controversy.

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  • Publicity stunts of Radhika Apte

Bollywood has been in the news for many reasons but cheap stunts of publicity have created a rage among the public many times. The people of the country love to idolize the actors and the actresses of Bollywood but this not so known actress who has done a few Bengali films and is slated for some other films of Bollywood have lowered her personality to a great extent. Such publicity stunts demean the personality of the actors and they are remembered for these activities rather than the good work that they have done in the films.

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The Indian film industry has been in the news for different controversies but some of the controversies that have been mentioned above state that the actors and the actresses have to show a mature attitude and not destroy their image in the public.