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Horror Movies on Netflix: 14 Must Watch


If you are looking for a list for Halloween weekend Binge-watch, you are at the right place. We have a specially curated list of 14 Must watch Horror Movies on Netflix.


Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist will give you goosebumps. It has got other world dimensions, poltergeists and nobody can doubt Spielberg’s timing. We won’t give any spoilers for we want you to watch and freak out.

The Evil Dead:

A jungle, a wooden house is a perfect atmosphere to welcome the dead for some ghostly fun! The protagonist opens a Pandora’s box of the dead.

A Haunted House:

This is the most typical setting for Horror. Yet this movie is a must-watch. The reason being it is a horror-comedy. If you are someone with a weak stomach, this is a movie for you.


Why should the ghost privileged to all the fun? We can time travel too. And who can give you the best horrific ride to the past? Stephen King of course! The movie will make you reach for the blanket to cover your eyes.

The Ritual:

Ah, yes! This one is bound to be a part of this list. How can you order a ghost service without the rituals? This movie features five friends completing a dead friend’s dream trip. Dead Friend, you say? Then it isn’t a surprise if things go wrong.

The Monster:

Sometimes, the living can be more horrific than the dead. Don’t believe it? Wait till you see The Monster.

Cabin Fever:

You must have heard of this one. It was one of the most discussed movies when it got released. You are going to love the graphics of this movie.

The Babysitter:

The name might not suit a horror movie. But that is exactly the fun part. A good looking babysitter can be dangerous if she is a part of the demonic cult.

Don’t be Afraid of Dark:

Ironically, this movie is going to freak you out so much that you will be afraid of the dark. A family moving to a new house and then it happens. Definitely a must-watch.

The Addams Family:

Not all ghosts are bad. Meet Addams and his crazy family who will tickle you guts and make you shriek with laughter.

Sleepy Hollow:

Young Johnny Depp as a police inspector seeking out a murderer! A legend and q headless horseman. Enough to stir anybody’s interest.

As Above, So Below:

If you are a fan of the paranormal activity series, you will like this movie very much. A quest for the powerful Philosopher’s Stone is about to go wrong.

The House at the End of the Street:

A family gets murdered right on the street with a single survivor. Nah, not an accident. Something is very spooky out there.

Hubie Halloween:

This is one of the newest addition to Netflix Originals. The movie is of the comedy-horror genre. Hubie the main character is striving to achieve peace in his town but nobody takes him seriously. However, mysterious forces are bound to create trouble for everyone. The movie ends with a good anti-bullying message.

So, this are some of the must watch Horror Movies on Netflix. Tells us which freaked you out the best.



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