Home Remedies for Treating Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


It is important for every woman to understand that almost fifty percent of the women around the world are likely to develop urinary tract infection or symptoms of it during their lifetime. The most common method of treating UTIs is by the elimination of bacteria and initiation of healing.

Stay hydrated at all times


In trying to cure UTIs using home remedies, staying hydrated is essential as it accounts for a flushing out of such bacterial growth from your system that causes infections. It is widely proven that people who consume relatively lower quantities of fluids encourage the pathogenesis of such bacteria. Therefore, one must ensure drinking at least a glass of water after every meal and snack during the day.

Urinate often and never hold it back for long


Most women avoid urinating under unhygienic circumstances and are therefore forced to hold it inside for long durations of time. Such a thing must be avoided to ensure that bacteria are unable to grow around the urine accumulated for such a long period in the bladder. Make sure to also urinate after sexual intercourse so that bacteria are not allowed to go into the urethra.

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Maintaining good personal hygiene

It is important to always wipe yourself clean from front to back after each of your ablutions. Such a habit ensures that bacteria formation inside the urethra is never encouraged. It is advisable to wear soft textured, loose fitting clothes during warm, sweaty days to help your urethra breathe and have sound blood circulation.

Usage of probiotics

Research has proven that usage of probiotics has revolutionised the treatment of UTIS at home. Probiotics are effective because the non-threatening bacterial flora present within them are helpful in regulating the growth of harmful microorganisms in intimate zones thus preventing infectious illnesses.

Stop using spermicides

Usage of widespread spermicides, present within various birth control methods often cause irritation that gives rise to bacterial infections. Using badly lubricated condoms are also one of the reasons why such bacteria grow, therefore, avoid the use of condoms that contain spermicides.

Keeping intimate area dry

It is also of grave importance to always strive to keep your intimate area dry. Wearing clothes of the kind of material that traps moisture in this area serve as a crucial reason for the growth of harmful bacteria that causes UTIS.

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Make use of cranberries


All the women who suffer from recurring UTIs must incorporate cranberries in their diet because they are effective in decreasing the number of such infections developing during a course of twelve months.

Try D-mannose

D-mannose is a kind of sugar solution that is closely linked with sugar. It is much effective in treating UTIs because it prevents certain species of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.

Add garlic to diet


Garlic is particularly crucial in home based UTI treatment because of the active principles of allicin operating within them. This element acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial solution that prevents the growth of bacteria.

Imbibing more Vitamin C

The presence of Vitamin C in your urine will serve to make it more acidic, promote immune function and prevent the growth and spread of E. Coli thus inhibiting the growth of infections.

Benefits of clove oil


Research all around the world shows that clove oil has active antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties and is used for initiating healing around the urinary tract and relieves pain around the area.

Effectiveness of myrrh oil

Since time immemorial, myrrh oil has been used to heal infections, and it has anti-parasitic properties which allow home based, effective prevention of urinary tract infections. Make sure only to use a good quality product of the same.

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Utility of oregano oil


Oregano oil is also used as a home remedy for UTI treatment due to its anti-bacterial nature and has successfully eliminated all strains of clinical bacteria that have been tested.

Ease pain using heat

Development of UTIs is also symptomatic in the pain that you feel all around the tract with an added pressure. Such excruciating pains can be soothed using mild heating pads over the area.

Keep herbal remedies handy

You must also consider the usage of such herbal remedies as bearberry leaf for their effectiveness as antiseptics that heal, irritation causing infections like UTI.

Effectiveness of The Antibiotics

Usage of antibiotics is common but nowadays clinical bacteria have become resistant to such chemical components, and therefore home remedies are imperative in the treatment of widespread UTIs.