This Hilarious video of Varun Thakur perfectly describes the Fun-Side of Indian Mom .



There’s no Doubt, that a Mom loves you more than anyone. Some Funny questions asked by our moms at a wrong point of time makes the situation funny and hilarious. Moms loves us so much but their love mixed with their Household pressures makes even more comic. The comedian exactly explains that ” Indian Mom love is directly proportional to the amount of oil in your head “.

Varun Thakur hilariously explains how mothers are particular about their  Tiffin boxes and valuable kitchen  households   than  their children.  Just scroll down to enjoy this hilarious video and read the awesome stuff below.

Indian moms are so much concerned about their Belongings especially plastic covers if they like your purpose ” they will grant you a ZARA bag, otherwise, you will be thrown a Big Bazar bag.

Though we may crack jokes and annoy them for some time, But they are the only ones who loves us unconditionally. Especially Indian mothers are very  great at serving their family. They are the multi-taskers of our home.

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We love you mom.