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The Most Hilarious Exams Scenarios


When the day of your exam has arrived. That day would be the most stressing and worrying day of your life. You must be preparing for all the possible challenges that could arrive during the exam. You might be thinking what else could worst happen during exam rather than normal sweat or panic.

But we have collected few of the worst/weird and the hilarious scenarios which happened during the exams.

A student was having an extreme cold and cough but still, he came to the school just because of the exams. And it was a Geography exam and in the mid of the exam, the student was having a crazy cough and accidentally let a rip machine-gun fart. You might be creating the whole scenario in your mind, it was so funny that the entire class was laughing and the teacher itself couldn’t hold it but later on the teacher calmed us all down.

During a maths exam, the students were started giggling and then there’s a girl who started screaming. The invigilator shouted on the students and asked them to be quite while there was a family of mice running between the desks. And again another girl screamed after 20 minutes or so followed by a little giggle as one of the mice scuttled directly over the girl’s foot.

So now there was a sturdy student in the maths exam who had accidently picked up his TV remote control instead of his calculator. He was so sturdy that his classmates never seen him such close to the tears. Just try to feel his pain and later you can laugh harder!

In a final exam of the IT paper, there was a student who was sleeping since nearly 2 hours and later the invigilator woke him up, wait not because he was not writing his paper but because he was disturbing the whole class by snoring and also he had started talking in sleep and even was shouting his mom for the help. Well, this was another level of resting! He probably needs to get the Centuary mattresses, the one, and only sleep ka specialist!

What could be the worst possible result of a sneeze? Maybe being too loud right? A girl in the Bangor University sneezed so hard that she hit her head on the desk which made her unconscious. Just imagine the noise and also the reaction in the classroom.

There was a student to who spoke on this situation later. He said that he had a complete mind block that he even forgot how to spell “if” in English exam. He spent most of his time just to rewrite the sentence so that he can avoid writing “if”. He said he was so embarrassed that he didn’t even speak to anybody after the exam.

Last year in a university, students was frightened to find out that they had been referring to the wrong book all the just before the exams. OMG! This is real scary. The students were supposed to be reading Frankenstein but the English teacher accidentally had been teaching them Dracula the whole year. They went through an intensive lesson learning for the whole book just before the exam.

We are still not finished with the hilarious moments! This one has crossed all the limits now. A student was writing the exam while the drops of rain dripping from a hole in the roof onto the paper have washed away half of the sheets that too just in the last minutes of the exam.

Well, this could be the worst situation in any exam history, getting your paper washed away from the rain drops LOL! Share the worst or the hilarious exam moments which you have faced during your examinations.



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