Hilarious Exam Situations Perfectly Described by Our Champs.


Exams ! This word may be stressful for all of us, but not for these Guys who brilliantly explained the comical Indian exam scenes which we had seen as a part of our college lives. Sahil and Sapan are the rising stars of Indian stand-up comedy and part of East Indian Comedy.

We have some Funny exam pics in addition to the Hilarious presentation of the awkward exam situations. First enjoy the video and  then Don’t forget to scroll down to watch our Funny exam pics.

Brilliant answers by our students. Hats off to you guys

1.Direct one-word answer by a Frank Student. He gave an honest answer


2. Peter’s Brilliant answer. So Finally,Hence proved.


3. The new rule for “Pythagoras Theorem.brilliant-kids-test-answers-32

4. Pretty simple right.


5. Strategic answer.