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What is Hema Malini’s secret?


What is Hema Malini not telling you? Is there something regarding your daily routine and health she should tell you. Surprisingly Yes!  

It is common knowledge that drinking clean water is one of the tenets of a healthy lifestyle. But, what is defined as ‘clean drinkable water’? Age old wisdom tells us to boil water before drinking, In Fact it is still the most popular method of treating water before drinking in India, unfortunately it is not very effective in treating water it does not remove heavy metals like lead or mercury, it cannot remove dissolved chemicals and at most it is effective against biotic impurities.

The other option used by the affluent is Reverse Osmosis. The process removes all the impurities mentioned above and produces water that is free from harmful impurities both biotic and chemical in nature. On the negative side it is costly both in setup and maintenance, but fortunately prices are coming down and they are slowly becoming affordable to the larger public.

But, there are other disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis as in it while purifying water it removes all substances beneficial or not. In fact high end bottled water companies add these substances back into the water after Reverse Osmosis treatment. In Fact you can see a niche interest among the health conscious cum affluent for natural mineral water which is collected from natural springs and mountain waters. Our bodies have evolved to take some necessary nutrients from our water source (we absorb nutrients better from water than food) which is not available in Reverse Osmosis treated water.

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Below are some Health Benefits Of Mineral Water

Replacing Electrolytes:

Our sweat surprisingly has a lot of dissolved minerals which serve as electrolytes to facilitate various chemical processes in our body (minerals like iron, sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, etc). Mineral water can replace most of these electrolytes.

Calcium Source:

For those who are Lactose intolerant mineral water serves as a source of part of their calcium intake

Lowers Cholesterol:

The Sodium content in water has been found to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL) according to the research published in 2004 in the Journal of Nutrition (Reference).

Skin Hydrating Effect:

Based on research published in International Journal of cosmetic science Mineral water has better skin hydrating effect than reverse osmosis treated water. Also the better taste of mineral water encourages people to drink more water and stay hydrated (Reference).

Prevents Alzheimer’s:

Silicon rich mineral water was found to reduce Alzheimer’s disease as it removed the Neurotoxin Aluminium from the body.

The Research was done in Keele University in Staffordshire, England (Reference).

Boost Cardiovascular Health and Athletic Performance:

Those who Drink Mineral water tend to Lose Body Fluids at a slower rate as compared to those who drink non mineralized water.

This also improves cardiovascular function which boosts your athletic performance with more energy during your workout and faster recovery time.

The Solution (Moya – Waterman):

Nowadays a new novel method of getting safe mineral drinking water is being followed by the public they purchase water cans of mineral water from reputed bottlers. This elegant solution has a few flaws as in the water has to be properly stored by your last mile vendor (kirana store, departmental store, etc) if not Chemicals from the plastic bottle can leach into the drinking water. Also it is a hassle to drop down to your supplier every time to pick up the watercan. To rectify this issue Virtus- IT India Private Limited has set up Moya – The Waterman to connect vendors having quality storage facilities to prospective customers backed with an extensive supply chain to provide doorstep delivery of the water bottles and water cans.




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