Health Benefits of Pomelo (Chakotra)


Citrus Maxima which is popularly known as Pomelo (Chakotra) belong to the Rutaceae family and is a native to the southeastern Asian region. It is regarded as the largest among all citrus fruits, and its whitish juice possesses sweet-sour flour. The color of pomelo ranges from yellowish to greenish, and it is about 15cm to 25cm thick in terms if diameter. Talking of its weight, it ranges somewhere between 1 kg to 3kg. Interestingly Pomelo is referred by various names in various parts of the world. While in some country it is known as Jabong, others refer to it by Lusho fruit or papans, pompelmous, shaddock, Chinese grapefruit, Thai grapefruit or even Pampaleone. Well, whatever name you are familiar with, pomelo is scientifically proven to possess numerous health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of Pomelo are as follow:

  1. Helps in prevention of Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection occurs due to the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. The human urinary system consists of two ureters, bladder, two kidneys, cardiac sphincter muscles and urethra and is responsible for the creation, storage, and removal of the urine. Pomelo fruit being rich in vitamin C helps in the preventing of any bacterial growth in the urinary tract. Also, this fruit helps in reducing swelling and is very beneficial for pregnant women.

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  1. Makes the gums and teeth stronger

Due to collagen present in this fruit, it helps in making your gums and teeth stronger and healthy. Also, bleeding gum is a case that is addressed by Pomelo. So if you are suffering from bad breath or bleeding gums, make sure to have pomelo juice as it will not only fix the issue but also add on to the amount if vitamin C lost.


  1. Helps in healing of the wounds

Wounds can be healed at a faster rate with regular intake of pomelo juice due to the cofactor enzymes (enzymes which help in the production of collagen). Collagen is a protein which assists in replacing all dead tissues at a faster rate.


  1. Regulates the blood pressure levels

High blood pressure is responsible for a wide range of other diseases. Also, frequent fluctuation of blood pressure can result in serious problems and can even cause paralysis. Pomelo fruit helps in regulating the blood pressure being rich in potassium- a mineral which is responsible for the regulation of the blood pressure level.


  1. Controls osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is known as the loss of the bone density due to the depletion of the calcium content. It exposes the bone to fractures and is a condition common to the older adults. Pomelo fruit helps in the treatment of osteoporosis by boosting bone health and reducing the risk of fractures.

  1. Keeps a check on anemia

Anemia is a condition resulting in the body when you have a lower number of red blood cells or hemoglobin. According to researchers, it has been demonstrated that vitamin C present in Pomelo assist in the assimilation of iron present in the body and hence helps to get rid of anemia. Hence it is suggested to take in pomelo juice rather than relying on iron supplements.

  1. Prevents leg cramps

Have you even encountered unconscious- unpleasant shrinkage of the leg muscles or the same in any other part of the body? Usually, swimmers are mostly prone to such cramps due to exposure of the feet and body to cold water. Other than this, heat cramps can also result due to the deficiency of salt. As per medical practitioners, the most common cause of cramps is a deficiency of fluids along with the deficiency of minerals such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium in the body. Among all these electrolytes, sodium is found easily in Pomelo fruit.

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  1. Assists in the weight loss initiative

Growing weight is something that is bothering almost all throughout the world. If you too are suffering from eth same, you can take up pomelo fruit as part of your diet as it possesses fat burning chemical in it which hence assists in the loss of weight. On addition, the fiber that is present in the fruit will render to the feeling of fullness and hence keep you away from frequent cravings for food.

  1. Helps in keeping away common cold

Common cold results from an infection in the upper region of the respiratory tract. This often results due to the virus and hence takes the time to cure. It is your body immunity that plays a very important role in keeping away such flu and the common cold. Vitamin C present in pomelo fruit enhances the body immune system, and hence the antibodies keep respiratory infection causing bacteria and viruses away.

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Wrapping up

Hence, pomelo fruit is rightly regarded as one remedy for various problems. In the case of any of the health mentioned above issues, you can take up to this fruit juice to enhance your body immunity and lead a healthy life.