4 important health benefits of curry leaves – you will never throw them away from plate


People just add Curry leaves to the dishes at the end just for aroma and taste. But they won’t consume them and mostly they were treated as waste by many people while having dishes. The best place people give to curry leaves is not their tummy but in the waste tubs. It would be surprising to know that the curry leaves actually have lot of shrub values in them and are never meant to be neglected. The curry leafs have excellent effects on both hair and skin. They are well known to work on digestive system. Here are those good health benefits of curry leaves and why should start eating them.

1)     A anti greying element for hairs

The curry leaves works great on the hairs and they actually act as a special anti-ageing ingredient to the hairs. The special enzyme in curry leaves will help nourish the hair and most importantly it will stop the greying of the hairs. The Curry leaves also helps to fight with dandruff and premature falling of hairs. The best part with this leaves is, they will give the best results even when they are applied to the hairs directly. A fried curry leaves in warm coconut oil applied to hair will give lot of nourishment to the hairs.
Acne buster for the skin

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Curry leaves acts as natural acne busters for skin. They make skin glow by improving the blood flow in the skin areas and also acts as natural oil controller. People who intakes raw curry leaves gets have a good and healthy skin. Some people use the dried curry leaf powder in the beauty facials and apply them directly to face. This would also give some best instant results.


3)    A good catalyst for Digestion

Curry leaf tree typically belongs to primary alkaloids family. The Girinimbine and Koenimbine found in the leaf helps for a good digestion. Sometimes they help as good appetizer too, this is one such reason that people consume some dishes with lot curry leaf in it before food. The curry leaves are also used extensively in butter milk in some regions of India. A small survey proved that people using curry leaves in their foods are less prone to constipation problems.

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4)    A best medicine for Diabetes

The curry leaves possess an anti-diabetic chemical named Undecalactone which helps to reduce the impacts with Diabetes. In countries like Cambodia these leaves are fried on a open top flume until they become crispy and serve them as a pudding with many other dishes as they believe that these could fight against many diseases. However, even a recent study has proved that regular usage of curry leaf in the dishes would help fight diabetes.


 Well, these are some uses of curry leaves consuming in the food. Because of its aromatic characteristic properties they find use in soap and body lotions which could help you fight or eradicate the skin diseases. So it is time to leave our perception apart and start having curry leaves. The real place it deserves is your stomach.