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11 Cool Health Benefits And Uses Of Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil is considered to be among the healthiest foods in this world. It’s uses and benefits go much beyond what most people believe. The fruit comprises of some healthy fatty acids as well as the medium chain fatty acids.

Benefits Of Fatty Acids

These fatty acids are easier to digest by the body, have anti-fungal as well as antimicrobial properties and are also much smaller in size. They allow easier permeability for the cells to obtain immediate energy. The fatty acids found in coconut oil are also processed well by the liver. As a result, these are immediately converted into energy and does not get stored as fat in the body. Many benefits have been proven for coconut oil containing such fatty acids.

Produces Ketones

Digesting such fatty acids helps the liver create ketones. Ketones can be easily accessed as energy by the brain. Even though they act as a source of energy for the brain they do not require any insulin to process the glucose present in the body to form energy. The brain creates its very own insulin to process the glucose as well as to provide power for the brain cells.

Cure For Alzheimer’s

The brain of a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s usually loses the ability to make its insulin. Thus, the ketones made by the coconut oil can help to form a source for energy. This alternate source can also help to repair the functions of the brain.

Prevents Diseases Of Heart

Coconut oil is also very rich in saturated fats which are natural. Such fats not only help to increase the good cholesterol which is healthy for the body but also helps in converting the bad cholesterol which can be quite harmful for the body. Thus, it helps to improve the health as well as lower risks of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Protects Kidney

Coconut oil can also help to clear as well as cure kidney and urinary infections. The fatty acids present in the oil can work as an antibiotic which is completely natural. It is done by disrupting the coat of lipid on the bacteria which eventually kills these bacteria.

Protects Liver

Such oil also protects the liver from any kind of damages and helps in hydrating as well as supporting the various healing systems of the body. At times, doctors also inject coconut oil in patients to clear stones in the kidney. Thus, coconut can be seen as a very powerful food product that is not only good for the health but also has medicinal properties.

Preventing Arthritis

The antioxidants that are present in very high levels in virgin coconut oil can help in reducing inflammation of the body. It can also accelerate the healing process and cure arthritis in an effective manner. In fact, at times it is considered to be a better care than many good medications. The oil that can be harvested with medium heat only is known to suppress the cells causing inflammation. It also works as an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic.

Preventing Cancer

Coconut oil has some qualities which help in fighting cancer. The tumour cells caused by cancer cannot access the energy which is present inside ketones. Thus, they are dependent on glucose for energy. A diet which is ketogenic can help patients of cancer recover from the disease. When the fatty acids are digested by the bacteria, the Helicobacter pylori can also be killed which usually results in a decrease in the risk of stomach cancer.

Boosting The Immune System

Coconut oil comprises of lauric acid. This acid can help to reduce candida, fight bacteria as well as create a very negative environment for some viruses. There are many diseases which are caused due to fungus, bacteria, virus as well as parasites and can be cured effectively by coconut oil.

Alternative For Sugar

It is also better to replace any grains or sugar present in the diet with this oil, especially when you are sick. Sugar can lead to an increase in bad bacteria. However, coconut oil can be a good alternative during sickness along with vegetables as well as healthy broth.

Thus, coconut oil has numerous purposes apart from its use as a regular hair oil. It is a very healthy supplement that you must keep in handy at all times during the day.

But said all that, the experts have different opinion, they claim: Coconut oil has never been healthy



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