11 wow factors of Harmony of the seas – world’s biggest cruise


Imagine a small town with good planning which has a central park, nice greenery, night pubs, good internet connectivity and not less to that a nice nursery for small children, won’t you call that an ideal village. Yeah it might not be a tough time to find a town like this, but what if we ask you to show us a town which is floating? Well, your quest ends with “Harmony of Seas”, the biggest cruise in the world. It is indeed a floating town on seas. The Harmony of the seas has all amenities embedded in it and is all set to take a ride on May 22nd. So here some wow factors which you have to know about the Harmony of seas.

1) Harmony of the Seas has two Sisters

Harmony of the seas is actually been built for The Royal Caribbean international which also holds the two biggest cruises in the world Oasis of the seas and Allure of the seas. The Harmony of the seas has suppressed her older sisters record by tonnage of 2000 and 2.15 meters of length. All these three ships comes under Oasis class ships and shares almost same architecture.

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2) Longer than height of Eiffel tower

Harmony of seas is longer than Eiffel tower. So technically, when you lean the Eiffel tower next to Harmony of seas to its length, the ship will be longer than the height of the Eiffel tower by 50 meters.


3) The cost for built is 1 Billion Euros.

So this is what it costs to build the world’s biggest cruise. This cost is higher than its counterparts.

4) 3 night stay in Star Suite costs you 4.5 Lakh INR

It would cost 4.5 lakh INR for a couple to stay in Star suite in a 3 night cruise from Florida to Bahamas. The Star suite comes with a private balcony and a double storied built in bed room.


5) Bionic bar – Robots are bartenders

So you need to worry that the bartenders will forget the instructions you gave for your perfect drink. Meet the coolest bartenders in the world. In bionic bars robots will be your bartenders and they serve the best in class drinks.

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6) Slides, waterfalls on the deck

The cruise has inbuilt water theme park on the deck and also has artificial water falls gliding the people and showering them with cool drizzles.


7) Big Central park

Forget the world taking a walk in the central park which has fragmented flowers witnessing the sounds and breezes of the pleasant sea. There were many recreational themes arranged so that children can enjoy too.


8)   Grease – the popular Broadway show on big stage

The Harmony of seas has the biggest entertainment stage on any cruise. The cruise also hosts the most popular show of Broadway “Grease” on its show.


9)  A ten storied dual dry slide and lots of entertainment

The cruise has a big 3-D theatre and another theatre to experience the DreamWorks Experience. It house an Aqua theatre for diving shows and has a big play ground. Vroom is the internet network name which connects the passengers on board. The Ultimate Abyss which is a ten storied dual dry slide is one of the prime attraction on the cruise.



10) 6400 passengers and 2300 crew members

The cruise can carry 6400 passengers along with 2300 crew members. The speed of the cruise is approx 47kmph and is built hard to withstand the storms and cyclones in the sea.

11) 70,000 people came to visit during inauguration

Around 70,000 people watched from along the coast Saint-Nazaire in France when the Harmony of seas is pulled away from the shipyard. It is a new record.

So, when are you planning to board this beauty? Right now?