It’s All About Hair Colors That Matter


Trendy Hair Colors That Deliver Attitude

Modern trend ornaments themselves by styling their hair in the best possible method. According to fashion survey, the first thing which signifies the word ‘Beauty’ among the body parts is your Hair. It’s true that everybody wants to look best, both male and female.  Hair colors reflect profession as well as trend. There are innumerable shades of color that are prevalent in the market – moreover, there is a specific country based colors too. Here are some hair color ideas which will carry you from home to office to parties, without missing any beat.

Ideas for Hair Color

It’s not always about color; it’s all about good cut, hues, and shades, which makes you more attractive, glamorous and beautiful. Mother Nature gave each head different color of hair to work with natural lighting. A good hair color means the natural color, but the role of the artificial color is to duplicate these highlight to be more effective.

Temporary Dyes-  Colors that do not last long on any hair texture is termed as temporary dyes. This kind of dyes often fades faster than other kinds of colors that envisage themselves on various hair types. The more you touch and stylize with products the faster it fades- this is due to its alcoholic presence. For that, you should not wash your hair. Just get it dry by the dryer to maintain the proper color or sometimes specific shampoo can be of some usage.

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Permanent Dyes- For decades it has been a normal way to colorize your hair by picking up the right shade and look more gorgeous. After mixing up with an activator, it finally opens up the hair cuticle and allows the pigment to go through the hair shaft and change the color the hair. It also gets faded after six weeks as it gets exposed to the surroundings and thus resulting in fading of the color.


Toner- This toner is much different than any hair color product in the market. This toner only affects and works on blonde hair. It turns the blonde hair from its basic form and makes the same to a bouncing quality finish. It contents minimal amount of ammonia which changes the substance tincture of hair. It is basically used for a brassy tone in the hair and post-bleach. It lasts up to 2 to 8 weeks.

Bleaching- It’s a chemical powder form which removes the natural pigment from your hair. It changes the hair texture and its color by stripping the pigment out of it. Heat is the thing that helps the chemical to activated and work faster. While bleaching wearing a plastic cap over the head and apply low heat from a dryer makes the result more perfect.

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Types of Hair color

There is various kind of color that is available according to the hair texture, and as per skin tonation few are discussed:-

Black Hair color- It is the darkest, a large sum of eumelanin and less opaque than other hair colors.

Hairstyle.Beautiful Brunette Girl.Healthy Hair

Brown Hair color – It is characterized by a higher quantity of eumelanin and a smaller quantity of pheomelanin. Brown hair girls are known as a brunette.

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Blonde Hair color – It is a mixture of blonde and red hair which contains the most pheomelanin. It is mostly found in Northern and Western European. Many children have blonde hair during their birth but develop darker hair gradually.

Auburn Hair color – It is a spectrum of light to dark red-brown shades. It contains a higher proportion of eumelanin and pheomelanin.


Red Hair color – It is a spectrum of light strawberry blonde shades to titian and cooper. Around 67% of pheomelanin and low quantity of eumelanin are present in red hair. These kinds of color are found in countries like Scotland, England, and Ireland.

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Apart from the above, there are various kinds of colors that are applied to the hair according to the requirement of the individual.


Before concluding one should always select a salon with a certified color professional before applying any kind of hair color. Moreover, give some time to your hair and follow the instructions given by the color specialist which can deliver you a good result. Apart from the experts’ advice, one must very well get the perfect hair color according to the skin tone.