Day to Day Habits Of Yours That Ruin Your Skin


When it comes to skin and Personal Care, we all speak and act in a way that we are the absolute caretakers of our skin. But here is the real scenario. When it’s the weekend time, be it, men or woman, both of them do their best to get back their glowing skin. What not you do from going to parlors to trying out various home remedies at home, applying branded creams hoping they will help in regaining the natural texture of your skin. Is the weekend personal care that you’re giving now is good enough to fetch fruitful results? Are you able to get back your skin the way it used to be a few years back? What do you think has changed that makes you look this different years later except the age factor. We see so many celebrities or even take the people of our previous generation who sparkle even in their late 30’s and 40’s. So what’s stopping you from being careful? Well, are you curious to know which awesome habits of yours are making you look like this?

Well, then you are at the right place. These lazy habits of yours have a long-term impact on your skin. So unless you correct these habits and plan to carry on the same for a long time, you will not be able to see any changes when it comes to  Healthy and happy glowing skin.

Makeup time

When the weekday Begins, we all make sure to go decked up or at least look clean enough to our offices. You don’t mind to try out the new makeup brands that have hit the cosmetic store. You don’t forget to go to shopping on the late weekends night with a reason that you have no proper clothes to wear for office use. While you take all the care to assure that you look well, the one that you don’t do here is to remove your makeup be it even the simple makeup like a compact powder. You all are so freaked up and tired that you don’t want to spend even a minute to remove the makeup. With people working in MNC’s and rotational shifts where the sleeping pattern is greatly affected, they are the ones who end up neglecting their skin. Makeup if not removed on a daily basis, can lead to blockage of your skin pores and this will ultimately lead to Acne, pimples and what not?

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Day to Day Habits Of Yours That  Ruin Your Skin

Skin Exposure to Sun

Well, we all know that Morning sunlight is essential for the skin and is a great source of Vitamin D for the body. But how can you protect your skin from the deadly Summers? Are you applying Sunscreen and thinking that you are keeping your skin safe. Then you are completely wrong. Any sunscreen won’t just work for your skin. You need to go for a Sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 and more in order to fight against the UVA and UVB rays. A sunscreen under the SPF 30 won’t be effective and is an absolute waste of your money. Exposure to sun rays can lead to age spots, wrinkles and heat acne both for men and women.

Day to Day Habits Of Yours That  Ruin Your Skin

Skin is a reflection of your food

Your health and Skin conditions are determined by what you eat and when you eat. Having a healthy diet at the right time keeps your skin in good condition. If you are a person who eats junk all the five days at the office and follows a healthy diet at home on weekends, then you are totally on a wrong diet plan for your healthy skin. This will no way bring any changes to your health or skin. So plan your diet properly and make sure to follow the plan so that the change will later reflect on your skin.

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Day to Day Habits Of Yours That  Ruin Your Skin


Do you eat more due to immersing stress at your workspace and put on those additional pounds of weight that you never ever wanted even in your dreams? If yes, then your next plan of action is to go to gym or jogging during the weekends to shed the extra weight. This plan is a totally a big no as you will be able to lose weight only when you do exercise on a regular basis. Three times a week will work with periodic intervals in between. So try to change your plan from Saturday and Sunday to Monday, Wednesday, Friday or any similar days with adequate gaps so that you don’t lose out on more energy.

Day to Day Habits Of Yours That  Ruin Your SkinBeauty or oversleep

Doctors suggest that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is good enough for a person to be on his or her toe throughout the day. But there is a certain clause to this statement. Your sleep is considered as a beauty sleep only if you sleep at the right time without any disturbances. If you are making up your 8 hours of sleep by having small naps throughout the day, then this is going to seriously affect your skin at a point of time.

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Day to Day Habits Of Yours That  Ruin Your Skin

Be choosy when it comes to Skincare products

Are you the one who believes that going complete ayurvedic is good for the skin but at the same time cribs that ayurvedic is too slow that it does not show any improvements? Then let us tell you, you really need to study your skin before opting for any skin care products. Not necessary that you need to go by ayurvedic thinking that they have no side effects. They are good but will eventually take time to heal your skin. You can go for the other skincare products as well;. But look out for the ingredients that will help your skin glow and choose wisely!

Day to Day Habits Of Yours That  Ruin Your Skin

With these helpful remedies, we are sure that you will take care going forward in order to look young ever after. A healthy diet with regular exercise, tidy habits along with a good bedtime sleep on your most comfortable mattress Centuary mattress is all that you need!

Day to Day Habits Of Yours That Ruin Your Skin