Gross Tasks on Big Boss: 9 Humiliating moments.


Big Boss is the most controversial show of Indian Television. We usually know the show for its fights and quarrels. Some of them are even violent. However, Big Boss is not just about fights. The show faces a lot of criticisms and it is not without reason. Here are some of the grossest tasks on Big Boss. Many think that the show and the contestants crossed lines here.

Having pee thrown by the other contestant.

This was just gross. In Season 10 Swami Om peed in a mug and threw it on Bani J. He got evicted after that which was not a surprise considering the audacity to do so.

Bathing in cow dung.

Ratan Rajput became the star of this challenge on Big Boss 7. Yes, contestants actually took a bath in cow dung. Yuck!

Getting chili paste applied to the skin.

It was a Hijack task in Season 8 where contestant had to break their opponents and to do that they applied chili paste on their body. Gautam Gulati won this task.

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Drinking water from the dog bowl.

Yes, Kushal Tandon actually drank water from a dog’s bowl. The dog’s name was Heaven. He puked after the act in Season 7.

Peeing in pants on live TV

The task was to keep working on gym bike and drinking water. The person who stays the longest wins. Puneesh Sharma peed on national TV but did not move.

Having a mixture of cow dung and mud applied on the body:

Paras Chhabra applied mud and cow dung mixture on Siddharth Shukla on a task which included contestants acting doctor and patients. The patients were supposed to be tortured by doctors.

Having to act like a pet dog.

In Bigg Boss 9,Rishabh Sinha made Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant as Oscar and Snooky respectively. Further, he made them play ‘Fetch’ where they had to pick the bone in their mouth.

Cutting hair on national television

You will think it is not so bad. However, actor’s livelihood depend on their looks. It was a huge blow when Apoorva Agnihotri  had to cut his hair on national television in Bigg Boss 7. 

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Chopping off hair, eating 20 mirchis.

Arti Singh actually chopped off her hair again on live television. Further, she also ate 20 mirchis or chillies raw. Despite, she did not win the task.

These are some of the grossest tasks on Big Boss. These are also the worst moments on the entire TV show industries of India. Apart from this there also have been many scandalous moments on Big Boss which drew cringes from all the viewers.