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Top Ten Greatest Authors Of All Time


Your liking for an author depends on many factors that even you may not know. It might be the lucidity of language or the use of imagery in writing that appeals to you. Again the type of work you are reading will also affect your appreciation of the author. A person who likes history may like author who writes historical novels. Others may find the romantic or so to say mystical elements better.  Writers with various styles and perspectives are there in the world. Here are a few whom most people would consider the greatest.

  • J.R.R. Tolkien

The ease with which Tolkien creates a completely new universe appeals to many. The sheer joy of reading through the pages of his books can make you relive your childhood memories. The superb storytelling, and the depth and detail in the way he describes every event as it unfolds in his stories is unimaginable. The classic touch in his writing style will inspire many generations to come.

  • Stephen King

The master of horror and fiction, Stephen King, has been pleasing generations with his timeless writing. Stephen King better known for his horror classics is also a short story writer and a novelist at par. His novels namely the Different Seasons and the Full Dark No Stars are worth reading.  His literary genius has not faded away with age. His last book is one among the ten best books published in the year 2011. 

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky

The literary talent of Fyodor Dostoevsky is visible in the many short stories, novels, essays, and many other papers he wrote as a journalist. All his writings demonstrate his clear understanding of the human psychology. The novels by Dostoevsky give you a clear picture of the society and the social traditions of the then Russian world. His most famous works are the Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, Karmazov and the Brothers.

  • C.S.Lewis

Lewis is another author who transports you into another world. His stories Narnia and the Twilight are so captivating that you feel yourself to be the main protagonist. You may not come out of the trance until you reach the end of the story.  The stories by C.S. Lewis make your imagination go wild. The mediaevalist author is famous for reviving interest in the medieval narratives. Some of his acclaimed works are The Allegory of Love, The Discarded Image, Chronicles of Narnia and Space Trilogy.

  • Charles Dickens

The stories of Charles Dickens  tell you about the social changes and upheavals that industrialization brought about in the English society. Charles Dickens creates a whole new world through his writings. You can feel the pain and the vulnerabilities of the common man whose stories Dickens wants to tell you. The language of Dickens may seem a little unfriendly to you, but when you try to decipher what he is trying to relate at your own pace, you learn many lessons of life. Some of the writings for which Charles Dickens is widely known are the Oliver Twist, A  Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, The Pickwick Papers, A Christmas Carol  and David Copperfield.

  • J.K.Rowling

The fame of J. K. Rowling is attributable to the series of seven novels about Harry potter, a character made famous by the movie of the same name. She has followers among people of all age groups. All her writing so far targets the children. She is coming up with a new novel named The Casual Vacancy, for adults.

  • Edgar Allen Poe

Poe is best known for his short stories and poems. The inventor of the detective genre of writing was an American literary critic and editor.  Poe is known for his Gothic style of writing, that appealed to the people of his times. Death comes as a recurring theme in most of his writings. Poe wrote many satires and tales of humor, along with the horror stories that he is famous for.

  • Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy wrote about life, and his writings carry meaningful and powerful messages of life. His stories can enthrall individuals of any generation.  Anna Karenina and War and Peace are famous works by Tolstoy. Tolstoy was also a great short story writer.

  • Roald Dahl

A person of any age can enjoy the books by Roald Dahl.  Going through his books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Georges Marvelous Medicine is an enjoyable experience.

  • George Orwell

Orwell is a great story teller, who can reveal many secrets through his writings. The sheer pleasure that you get as you move through Orwell’s world is incomparable. He is no less than any other famous author in the world.

Your Favorite Author

All the authors in this list deserve special mention for their own style of writing. Opinions about the superiority of one over the other may differ. You need to read through the work of all, to decide who is your favorite.

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