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Going Beyond Litthi Chokha: Discover the authentic cuisine of Bihar.


When we picture Bihari cuisine’s brand image, the first dish that crosses our mind is Litthi Chokha. As if Bihar has nothing to offer other than this. In reality, Bihari Cuisine is more than one dish. The food that completes the ranges in this section of Indian cuisine is delectable for the taste buds. Bihari cuisine has dishes that are a warm blanket to the soul. They have no complicated taste or mixtures but known for being comfort food. Let us discover more dishes in Bihari cuisine beyond the limits of Litthi Choka:

1) Thekua
During the festivities of Chat Puja, Thekua is a tasty sweet tooth snack made in the Bihari households. It is effortless to make by just mixing jaggery and wheat flour and then frying them. These sweet fries are a must-try for the winter season.

2) Sanai Phool Ke Pakode
Derived from the jute plant, this flower, known as Sanai phool is used for making delicious starters in the form of pakodas. When these flowers are half-bloomed, they are plucked as they still have the bitter taste ingrained inside. For making the pakodas, only the flower buds are used. The buds are mixed with spices and garlic and gram flour and fried in hot oil to make these delicious fritters. A great snack to enjoy with tea in most Bihari households.

3) Bihari Kebabs
Okay, enough about vegetarian food, Bihari cuisine also has something lip-smacking for meat lovers. Popular in UAE, Pakistan, and even Kolkata, Bihari Kebab has a different taste and texture. It prepared with lamb meat. Before mincing and preparing into kebabs, the meat is marinated for an hour with papaya pulp. This adds to the soft and juiciness of the kebab.

4) Mutton Tash
Another delicious dish to try in Bihari Cuisine to satisfy our meat cravings is the Mutton Tash. Best found in Muzaffarpur, the dish is prepared with mutton marinated in ginger-garlic, oil, Sichuan black pepper, and yoghurt. After marination, it is fried in mustard oil for half an hour. Before relishing it with a steamy plate of hot rice, the dish is garnished with perfectly chopped coriander leaves. It is a dish that is served with love in Bihar.

5) Parwal ki Mitthai
Let us now turn our eyes to the desserts in the Bihari Cuisine from starters to the main course. Parwal is a vegetable most of us never liked for curry, but Parwal as a mithai is a delight for our taste buds. This Bihari dessert made with vegetable is steeped in sugar syrup with a tasty filling of khoya in the centre. Sounds mouthwatering, right?

6) Balushahi
Crispy doughnuts of Bihar, this dessert is a must-try. The recipe of Balushahi is simple, and it is made with buttermilk and flour. The Balushahi is also popularly consumed in Kolkata.

7) Dal Puri
Dal Puri is comfort food in Bihari households. This often prepared during Dussehra in Bihari households. The puri has major dal stuffing. What makes it unique to taste and fulfilling to our stomach is the special Bengal Gram stuffing. Dal Puri can be relished with raita or pickle.

8) Dudhaura
Known as the Cham cham of Bihar, Dudhaura or doodh kela is a dessert prepared with rice, cardamom, cashews, milk, and sugar. It is culinary innovation, but whether Bihar or Jharkhand owns it, that part is still debatable.

As a state, Bihari cuisine is diverse, from desserts to the main course. It has everything for everyone’s taste, be it a lover of spices or sugar. What it needs is more recognition and appreciation by the larger masses.



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