Global Warming: It is a terrific Problem Human Life Are Facing Today


The earth where we are living today is facing climatic change in its day to day life. We call it Global Warming. Even in the end of November and the early winter we do not observe any sign of winter, this is the side effect of global warming.

If we do nothing for it probably our next generation will feel difficulties in receiving Oxygen? Scientific evidence of earth is showing that the climate change has badly affected our atmosphere and we are losing our natural energy as well. This is going on from 1970S worldwide.More than 90% of climatic energy gone into an ocean warming, the remainder has melted ice. The ice is melting, which is warming our earth and its atmosphere.

In 2014 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that the reason of Global Warming is increasing due concentration on Greenhouse gases and Human anthropocentric.

Climatic effect is different from region to region. Global Warming increases the temperature and also brings rise in sea levels. It is bringing probable expansion in sub-tropical desert, Arctic region facing the warming strongly. Heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, melting ice, dying of birds and animals are other problems making the atmosphere of our earth a precarious one. For the sake of human survival, at least we should not stay calm and we should do something!

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It means Global Warming is a bigger threat which we are facing today along with our nature! This is badly affecting our lives and livelihood of poor people – the vulnerable sections of the world. It does not mean rich people are safe! They can be victim of Global Warming too.  Global warming will disturb food production and destroy the ecosystem of our earth. Important species and habitat will die.

Industrial sectors and big business sectors are responsible for it! Sadly, they do not care about it much. The government of every country needs to do something to protect the environment at the earliest.

maxresdefaultThe Kyoto Protocol is trying to reduce the greenhouse effect on earth and putting all the effort to get success. It is a treaty and connected with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and it commits State parties to reduce greenhouse gases. Kyoto Protocol set a target which is to ask the government to limit their greenhouse effects and gas emission. The agreement is scheduled to take place any time this year in France.

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We need this new global initiative that encourages the government to take urgent action so that the planet will not have to face the worst climatic changes in future. It is a commitment known as “Road to Paris” and its aim is to bring positive climatic change.


WWF (World Wide Fund) is another institution that encourages the nations to develop low carbon economy. It aims towards robust climatic change which is unavoidable.

The WWF is working on making the carbon development low and bringing out the clean carbon policy. It is emphasizing on using clean and safety environment by using clean energy. It wants eco-friendly forest and climate to avoid global warming.

From 1961 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is working for our environment and against Global Warming regarding some issues, such as conservative, researcher, restoration of the environment. Globally the organization has five million supporters and the organization established its branch in more than 100 countries.

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It is working in support of our environment and it’s also having a desire to erase the term Global Warming from our society and its problem.


Some facts you must know about Global Warming:

  • When Global Warming increases the Earth’s average surface temperature because of the greenhouse effect our atmosphere collects a thickening blanket type layer.
  • Excessive of greenhouse gas will make living impossible for the living being on the Earth.
  • Emission of gas and steam from truck, factories, and cars are damaging our environment and creating Global Warming. It would be a wise idea to USEECO-friendly CARSTO avoids such consequences.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) it is better to use Bio energy as it can protect our Earth.