Culture in flavour: A glimpse in Indian food


When it comes to the taste of the food all that someone wants is a good food with good taste. And when it comes to where you can get this food? India is the place you must visit.

With thousands of different cultures India offers billions of different tastes. From international food to the traditional one India has it all.

From the zaika of dhaba to flavours of restaurants, you are served with the best quality food you can ever get.

From dhokla to pav bhaji from rasgulla to luchi mangsho, from Biryani to tandoori chicken from Pizza to pasta all we can get at one spot that is India.

A typical Indian cuisine has roti that is chapati, chawal that is rice, lentils , vegetables , papad ( sort of fried chips), dessert, a non vegetarian dish and more.

And do you know India offers you with more than a thousand types of breads and rice preparations.

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And when it comes to the use of spices India gets the crown. You can get the most spicy dishes with the most exotic flavours in India.

The main dishes in India are saucy curries that are usually spread over the rise.
The curries are of veggies lamb fish shrimp and many other things.

Decision making regarding what to eat may be extremely difficult for non vegetarians in India but it is the same case with the vegetarians also. With almost all types of veggies available India serves us a large number of dishes of veg preparations.

With the diversity of culture there is also a great diversity in food items.

Some famous Indian snacks are-
Samosa- North India
Dhokla- Gujarat
Bhujiya- all over India
Chat- Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand
Pani puri- all over India
Kachori- all over India
Ghugni chaat- Bengal

Some must try Indian veg main course-
Dal – all over India
Aloo gobi- North India
masala dosa- South India
Dhokar dalna- Bengal
Gatte ki sabji- Rajasthan

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Some must try Indian non veg main course-
Rogan Josh- Jammu and Kashmir
Macher jhol – Bengal
Laal Maas- Rajasthan
butter chicken- punjab
Phagshapa – Sikkim
Masor Tenga – Assam
Marua – jharkhand

All the above combined are just a glimpse of what India has. India’s food culture is heavily influenced by the religious and religional believes.
India is mainly known for its spicy food.

Let it be North India or South India east or West you will get spicy food everywhere. Also India is the largest exporter of spices in the world.

With pepper powder saffron cumin and cardamom, many other spices originated from India.
Indian cuisine is sure to make you greedy. So when are you traveling to India to get your thali?