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When your girlfriend wears too much makeup!


Each man wants his lady to look hot, however, magnificence is after all shallow. While men do value their ladies sprucing up and wearing make-up, there is a thin line between spreading makeup to improve your elements and winding up resembling a jokester. On a lighter note, men do get dumbfounded with regards to understanding why and how ladies wear such an extensive amount of makeup. We drill down some clever issues that folks confront when bae mistakes her face for a shading book.

At the point when things are getting hot in bed and you’re being intimate with her, however, you wind up with her foundation on your tongue, alongside a thousand all the more cosmetic items. WORST Snacks I would say! LOL!

When you take a stab at being sentimental by tenderly kissing her eyes, yet wind up being dark set apart by the dim eye shadow on her eyelids, which has now transported to your lips. And you got a black lipstick on!

When you just began dating, and you thought she had radiant long hair, however, one night over together, and you understand those were simply hair expansions. Shit.

When she cuddles up against you in the quaint little inn! Her bronzer is everywhere on your white shirt now. Yaay! When you think, man, “I’m a lot comfortable with Century mattresses.”

When you watched that her eyebrow curve resembles the wings of a falcon, yet after she wipes her makeup off during the evening, the truth leaks in that she barely has any eyebrows. They were, indeed, quite recently painted impeccably!

When you take her for a swim, at long last needing to perceive what she looks like without all that makeup, yet you did not understand that bae utilizes water proved items. Major LOL.

At the point when your young lady reveals to you she’s doing the ‘no makeup look’, and takes 4 hours and uses approximately 28 items, and you are befuddled as fish about how it was a “no make-up look”. What magic is this?

When you twist down to kiss her, however, wind up tasting her lip gleam. All things considered, that is your treat measurement for the day turned out badly!

At the point when her mascara is thick to the point, that her eyelashes look like cobwebs!

When you are strolling in the sun, and her face powder winds up looking like cake icing all over. Umm…

When she gets your mobile to make a call, just to hand it back with five layers of makeup on the screen, making it dim and abandoning you appalled. Well! Thanks, bye.

Be that as it may, all things said and done, love them or detest them, you can’t live without them (the bae, we mean). All things considered, a smile is the best make-up that a young lady can wear.



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