Gifting is an Art! Master It with Eco-Friendly Gifts


“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.”- Charles Dudley Warner

The planet is on fire, and we all can contribute some way or the other by ditching the emissions and opting for eco-friendly things. Wait! Before you start thinking that gifts that save the planet are plain boring and not that great for your man, we want you to hold your thoughts.

Since time immemorial, humans have made products using things that were available in nature – way before industrialization. Designs are culturally rooted – cultures that have existed since forever. So, why not revive the ancient art of using handmade eco-friendly products again? Not only are these products good for nature – they are striking because they have an X factor. They are not made in a factory on an assembly line but by someone who invested hours of their skill into it.

So, if you are looking for eco-friendly gifts for him, we have some amazing suggestions that are nothing but special.

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A Basic Light Cotton Shirt

From causal shirts to weekender and Nehru jackets, today everything is available in natural fabrics. Organic clothing comes in calm and soothing hues, that make them breathable in humid weather while making your man stand apart. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have an impressive collection of organic and sustainable clothing that come in light, fluidic and appealing silhouettes. Trust us – these shirts make for the best gifts for men.


Yes, Green Candles Are A Thing Too!

When it comes to lending any space a relaxed environment, nothing beats the warm golden glow that candles emit. The soft, flickering shadows, cozy atmosphere and delicious aromas make any setting just about perfect. To keep the vibe intact, pick one that’s made using all-natural ingredients.

All-natural candles don’t contain unsavory chemicals and keep us away from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. So, if your man has already switched to leading a green life, don’t wait any longer and gift him organic candles made using soy wax or beeswax.

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Don’t Add to Plastic Pollution

Do you know it takes about 100 – 500 years for a plastic straw to break down? We are sure you don’t want to add to the already affected environment. When looking for eco-friendly gifts for him, add to his bar collection by adding metal straws, stirrers, shakers and what not. The metal ones are easily washable and can be used till your guy doesn’t lose them. Think about it!


An Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Sounds crazy, right? If your man is a fitness freak, nothing better than a yoga mat made of TPE – a non-toxic material. These high-grade and non-slippery yoga mats are so sturdy and thick that your man can even do pilates on them. See him work towards a healthy life with a gift as useful as this one.


A Hand Made Curio for His Vignette

If your man likes creating an atmosphere through the things he owns, it’s time to add to the collection. Pick up something that is handcrafted using natural materials like wood, inspires your man and acts as a reflection of his personality. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar offer an impressive collection that is perfect for bringing out the best of any space. Take this Wright Airplane for instance, which will always inspire him to reach for the stars.

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Wright Airplane – Large from Nicobar


Be Thoughtful, Be Expressive!

Imagine gifting someone a product that has this deep of a significance? Isn’t that the most thoughtful thing to do? So, when you are out and about to buy eco-friendly gifts for him, don’t forget picking up a few suggestions from here.