Get rid of pimples in one week by 4 effective home remedies


Everyone needs a clear skin tone without any spot and acne. Acne/Pimple is nothing but a type of skin infection caused due to bacteria. Sometimes the development of pimples is primarily connected to oil production, dead skin cells, bacteria, food habit and irregular puberty.

Pimples can be cured easily without any medication by using some daily care with home remedies. Daily exercise with balanced diet can help you to get out of it with skin care home treatment.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is excellent for treating pimples. It’s high antibacterial properties help fight with the bacteria that cause these skin problems. It deeply cleanses your skin and removes excess oil which helps to grow the bacteria.

How to use :

Use 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in any face pack you are using (better to use Multani Miti pack).Leave it till dry and wash it out in Luke warm water.

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Tea Tree Oil


Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties. It helps in drying out acne.

How to use :
Add 2 table spoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder (freshly ground). Apply it on face. Before applying it clean the face with water and pat dry. Then leave it for 20-30 min then wash it with cold water.
You can also use Cinnamon as a scrubber. Make a paste of some cinnamon powder, rice flour and Besan with water. Apply on the face and let it dry for 5 minutes then scrub off gently. This can help you to clear pimple and make your skin glow.

Cinnamon with Honey Cinnamon-face-packs-at-home-benefits


Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps by healing the skin and by facilitating quick growth of the skin cells while removing the scars.

How to use :

Apply the freshly prepared tomato paste on the face and leave it on for twenty minutes or till dry. Then, wash off with water.

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You can also mix besan with tomato pulp.  Apply this mixture as a face mask. Leave it on for half an hour and wash it with water. Follow this treatment seven days and get the dsired result.

Tomato for skin

Aloe vera and turmeric pack:

Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent and has anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera contains nutrients, enzymes and polysaccharides which are very essential for skin. It acts as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent and helps to remove the toxins present in the skin and also balances the natural moisture level of the skin.
How to use :
Make a paste of fresh turmeric and mix 1 tsp of Aloe Vera gel with it. Apply this pack onto the pimple marks, wash off after 20 minutes.

Aloe-vera and Turmeric

Following these treatments in a regular basis will definitely give you the result you want. These treatments will help to cure pimple, remove pimple marks as well and give you a perfect skin tone. Your skin will look more healthy and glowing. Even it repairs the unhealthy skin and give a flawless glow and also improves the skin tone. You can get a fairer look also.