From Aviator to Navigator: Know Different Styles of Sunglasses


Your favourite clothing brands are getting into the spring spirit. Fashion changes with seasons, and so does sunglasses. It brings along with it a variety of colours, patterns and shapes. Women’s and men’s sunglasses keep changing with trends: they are bright and oversized one season, and then they are the most delicate and intricate little things the next.

There are plentitude of options when it comes to men’s & women’s sunglasses that are available online and in retail stores. Amongst this variety, there are a few timeless styles that get recreated year after year.  When buying women’s or men’s sunglasses online, make sure that the sunglasses suit your lifestyle, material preference and your face shape. The exceptional style and flair come as a bonus. Here, we have jotted down different styles of women’s and men’s sunglasses: 


Wayfarers are a classic when it comes to sunglasses. They have been worn since the 1950s. Think of James Dean and Brothers Blues. A versatile, timeless piece that is perfect for almost every face type and this frame always look fantastic, no matter the occasion.

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The arrival of spring brings vivid colours back with it. Popping neons, subtle hues or the all-time classic blacks – no matter where your devotion lies, wayfarers categorized under women’s and men’s sunglasses online have something special for everyone. They look fanciful, trendy and fresh. 

Colourful wayfarer as women’s and men’s sunglasses sell like hot cakes. Get yours too to bring out your playful side.

Rectangular Full Rim

Do you have a round face? 

Would you like to add a little contrast to define your jawline better? 

If yes, these rectangular-shaped Fastrack sunglasses will look amazing on oval and round faces. Commonly oversized in shape, these sunglasses can make anyone look fashion-forward. Also on days when the sun is raging, such glares can prove helpful in blocking the extra rays. If you want to add a bold detail to an all back outfit, you’ll be turning heads with Fastrack women’s and men’s sunglasses online. 


Aviator-style sunglasses, initially popularized by pilots, Hawaii Five-0 and Tom Cruise, have become an essential wardrobe worldwide. Subtle hues, bold colours, metal frames, and teardrop-shaped lenses are the distinctive features of an aviator frame. A snug tee shirt looks great when paired with such a sunglass. You can wear them with elegant clothing without making it cluttered to get a chic look. Also, these women’s and men’s sunglasses online are a great fit with casual outfits too.

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Navigators for women’s or men’s sunglasses found online is a simple classic style. Small or oversized, they go perfectly with simple outfits but also look great with retro ones. Navigator sunglasses have you covered completely. They are the perfect shades if you plan to be out in the sun for a long time. Be it with your friends or with your colleagues for meetings.


Wraparound sunglasses are ideal for athletes and adventure seekers. The sleek design of such sunglasses improves the face’s aerodynamic aspects. When you look for women’s or men’s sunglasses online, you should keep in mind that these types of frames are lightweight. They cover most of your eyes and do not allow UV rays to sneak in through the side (excellent for snow and outdoor activities). 

Not Sure What Style to Choose?

No matter your style—minimalist, urban, filmy or contemporary, there is a perfect pair of sunglasses for everyone. However, when looking at women’s or men’s sunglasses online, you should keep in mind to do detailed research about the brand and their after-sales service. 

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